Daily Ideas To Be A Good Husband

Daily Ideas To Be A Good Husband

Contemporary of William Shakespeare, linguist John Florio once said that "a good husband makes a good wife." When you make the effort to be a caring and responsible husband, you will reap many benefits in your marriage. You will find that they are less discussed and enjoy each other more. Continue your effort throughout your marriage to increase the likelihood that it will last until your old age.


When men do more housework, women are more satisfied, and there are fewer conflicts in marriage, says sociologist Christine Carter in the article in "The Huffington Post," "These Dads Get It ( and They're Getting Some Action, Too). " Make a load of laundry in the washing machine every day after work or put dishes in the dishwasher after dinner a habit, if you do not already. Your effort will be appreciated, and your woman will have more energy to enjoy your company.

Be communicative

After a day's work, it's tempting to sit behind the computer screen and relax, pausing occasionally to answer some question from your wife. The problem with this is that she will never feel that you are really listening unless you leave the devices, turn off the television and ask her how her day was. Putting your energy into your conversations and encouraging your wife to express herself lets you know that you are totally committed, says Amy Bellows, Ph.D., in the PsychCentral article. com "Good Communication in Marriage Starts with Respect." Making this a daily habit will strengthen your marriage

Show affection

Engaging in loving behaviors promotes the release of oxytocin, the love hormone, says psychology professor Ruth Feldman in the "Scientific American" article, "Be Mine Forever: Oxytocin May Help Build Long-Lasting Love. " This creates a "positive feedback loop" within the marriage in which this affection creates feelings that lead to more love and better communication. Giving your wife a kiss when you wake up in the morning or a long hug at the end of each day can help you both feel better and more connected to each other.

Praise her

You can never tell your wife she's beautiful too many times. However, do not be content to give general praise. Be specific and she will receive a pleasant surprise, says the expert in human sexuality Trina Read in the article of "Hitched", The Best Way to Compliment Your Husband and Wife. "For example, you could say:" That dress you wear makes you feel very Well, "or" Your beautiful smile illuminates my day every time I see her. "Let her know that the Cordon Bleu chicken she prepared is the best you've ever tasted, pointing out her good points, not only making her happy, but maintaining the relationship on the rise for both.

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