Does The Force In Your Lower Body Make You Run Faster?

Does The Force In Your Lower Body Make You Run Faster?

Strength in the part Lower body can certainly help you run more comfortable, but can it make you run faster? The answer is an ambiguous yes. The stronger the muscles in your lower body, the better runner you will be. One of the keys to cutting while you train is that the races work more hamstrings than quadriceps and other muscles such as the hip flexors work very little.

Improved Economy

Having a strong lower body is the key to improving your career economy, according to "Run less, Run faster". Running efficiently, you try harder and you can run faster. To improve career economics, you need to focus on both form and strength. Strong muscles provide the basis for efficient movement, but you need to be sure that you maintain a correct posture, stay relaxed and maintain a good pace to make sure you move as fast as you can.

Generating Rapid Recovery Muscles

Rapid recovery muscle fiber is essential to improve your running speed. These muscles are shorter, bulging and contracting more quickly than the slow recovery muscles you use during performance training or long runs. "Run for life" emphasizes that ordinary aerobics training is not enough to generate and maintain fast recovery muscles, you need to do speed racing, hill training, weightlifting or other activities that will build the explosive power in your muscles. This will help improve your race pace.

Performance and prevention of injuries

Strength in the lower body is important for running because it supports the performance needed for frequent training and helps prevent injuries. In "The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Running" author Robert Price recommends strength training to build durability and protect you from injury as well as to build explosive power and strength. By increasing the total strength of the lower part of your body, including muscles such as the quadriceps and hip flexors, you help fight wear and tear in the race and you can train harder and more efficiently.

Recommended exercises

Increase training speed by dedicating a little of your training time to strengthening the lower body. The website "The running planet" recommends an exercise that includes push-ups, calf lift, leg extensions, leg press, hip adduction and adduction movements.By doing these exercises two or three times a week you can generate more strength in the lower body than simply running. This will help you stay strong and improve performance while running.

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