Get Fat After Going To The Gym

Get Fat After Going To The Gym

You're sick of your type of body, you bought a gym and started working. However, exercising in the gym will not necessarily make the kilos of fat disappear from your body. If you find that you continue to gain weight despite your training, you may be doing it incorrectly, taking unhealthy dietary habits or having a medical condition that requires attention.

Exercises correct vs. incorrect exercises

Each type of exercise you find in the gym can improve your body in some way, but not all are conducive to weight loss. If you exercise frequently, but experience weight gain, part of the problem could be that you are performing the exercises badly. Lifting weights, for example, burns calories at only a fraction of the speed of cardio exercises. If your main goal is to exercise to lose weight, focus on the use of cardio machines, such as the treadmill and the stationary bicycle.

Get the most out of your training

Think about how you handle your gym session. If you change slowly, talk to people while you stretch, you find yourself watching television rather than exercising and making frequent trips to fetch water, you are not getting the most out of your time in the gym. A 10 minute workout here and there will not always lead to weight loss. Instead, aim to go to the gym three to five days a week to perform a total of at least 300 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. By complying with this rule, you will favor your goal of weight loss.

Keep calorie intake in mind

Going to the gym does not give you free rein to eat more. While it is true that exercise can increase appetite, people are more successful in losing weight by combining exercise and diet. In general, aim to reduce your calorie consumption as you try to lose weight. If you find yourself hungrier, avoid high-calorie foods and eat large amounts of healthy foods, such as vegetables.

Other reasons for weight gain

Weight gain, despite your visits to the gym, may not be linked to your exercise or diet at all. There are many types of medical problems that can cause unexpected weight gain, even if you go to the gym regularly. These issues are hypothyroidism and menopause. You can also gain weight as you get older and several types of medications, including those that treat depression, can lead to weight gain. If you feel you are doing the right workout and eat healthy to lose weight, consult your doctor.

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