Homemade Facial Masks Made With Salt

Homemade Facial Masks Made With Salt

You may have heard rumors about the benefits of a low sodium diet, but salt is not a total demon of health. Salt helps restore skin naturally and provides great benefits when it comes to keeping your skin looking healthy and fresh. There is no need to invest in expensive designer products for the skin. The salt masks that serve to refresh your face are easy to make in your own kitchen using items that you can find in the pantry.

Why use salt

If you ever took a bath in the sea, you gave your skin a healthy dose of minerals needed to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, remove dead skin and keep skin healthy. Unfortunately, you may have spent too much time under the sun, so your toasted skin may have diminished the benefits of the salt bath. The homemade salt masks will give you all the benefits of a natural bath in the ocean without having to go to the coast or that you put in danger the health of your skin in the sun. The salt removes dead skin and dirt with its strong exfoliating action, and also stimulates circulation, giving your skin a constant supply of blood.

Know your sales

If you have ever seen the price of a sea salt bath in the cosmetics aisle, you might wonder why the white matter in your salt shaker is much cheaper. The truth is that there is a spectrum of salts to choose from, and not all offer the same benefits for the skin. Table salt is what you use to season your dinners, and it is composed mainly of sodium chloride. It is affordable and will serve to exfoliate, but other salts, which are more expensive, offer greater benefits for your skin. Sea salt has a higher concentration of additional minerals than table salt, such as magnesium and calcium, and is sold in large pieces to rub more heavily. The most expensive salt available is that of the Dead Sea, which is extracted specifically from this sea which is one of the saltiest bodies of water on the planet. Dead Sea salt has only a fraction of sodium chloride in the form of table salt, but it is composed mainly of minerals that promote health and make your skin shine.

Simple salt masks

Even a simple salt mask is beneficial for the skin. Work with what you have; If you have extra table salt around, start by using it instead of investing in some more expensive salts. To make a paste that sticks to the skin long enough to do its job, mix the salt with olive oil, enough to make a spread. The proportion may vary, but usually two or three parts of salt are used for each part of oil.Apply the paste on the face to get a full exfoliating action and let it sit for five to 10 minutes to allow the minerals to do their job. Rinse your face quickly and you will feel soft and fresh.

Additional ingredients

There is no need for you to keep a simple mask once you know how to do it. Your kitchen offers a lot of options for you to personalize your salt mask. If you have oily skin, change the olive oil for one or two whipped egg yolks that will offer a large dose of vitamin A and will not leave an extra shine. If you have sensitive skin, decrease the amount of salt a little and mix a few tablespoons together with 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal. Are the buds driving you crazy? Mix a little sea salt in a little honey to make a mask - the salt will serve as an exfoliant, while honey will function as an antibacterial agent.

Video Tutorial: How to Make Homemade Facial Scrubs: Salt Scrubs Vs. Sugar Scrubs.

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