How To Achieve Strength For Football Tests

How To Achieve Strength For Football Tests

The NFL organizes the combined annual events so that the best college football players can showcase their talents in front of team coaches, recruiters and executives. This combined test is just one of the different football events that take place every year from youth football to professional football. Proper preparation and training improve your performance on the test to improve your chances of reaching a team. One of the most important factors for an optimal test is to have a base of strength, speed and power.

Organize a training program. As a general rule, a strength and conditioning training program for soccer is divided into three main stages, off-season, seasonal and transition, which take place throughout the year. The off-season stage covers the period of six months before the season and focuses on the development of absolute strength and maximum strength. Adjust the time of the off-season training program around the test date. Most beginner players or novice lifters should spend at least 8 to 10 weeks training their strength for the test, while experienced lifters can spend three to five weeks.

Practice the tests that will make you do during the test. Having experience and knowledge of individual tests will improve your overall performance on the test. Tests may vary slightly, but sample tasks include a 40-yard run, bench press for a maximum of one repetition or a total number of repetitions with a specific weight, vertical jumps and round-the-clock races. Practice activities that include these tests two to three days a week as part of strength and conditioning training. You can also add additional exercises for your specific position. For example, a lineman might require additional strength, agility, blocking or footwork.

Perform strength training three to four days per week before testing. It incorporates major functional surveys that develop strength, speed and power. These lifting include back push-ups, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press and Olympic lifting like weights, throw and interrupted drills. Train for maximum strength by focusing on the explosive power during each repetition. Perform a total of one to five repetitions for three to seven sets of three to five minutes of rest between each series.

Perform polymetric exercises, agility and speed training exercises of two to three days per week.These will give you strength in the lower part of the body while also improving your speed, agility, balance and mobility. Focus on jump training using light loads and explosive movements. Sample exercises include box jumps, jump rope and exercises with the medical ball. Each exercise should consist of five to seven different exercises performed by three sets of 10 repetitions.

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