How To Clean Ear Wax Headphones

How To Clean Ear Wax Headphones

Headphones and headphones Ear plugs are great to keep what you hear inside, with the rest of the world outside. They can also be great to gather wax, which is not so great. Ear wax headphones will not only be awful for your friends and co-workers, but it can also interfere with the sound quality. Do not worry: removing the wax is not difficult. Even the most loved headphones (and with the most layer) can be cleaned. Cleaning the headphones can involve a bit of trial and error, so always start with the gentlest method.

Examine the headphones or earplugs to see if they have covers that can be removed. If they do, remove them carefully and change them, clean them in hot water with a little degreasing detergent or baby detergent. Both have specific formulas to break biological matter. Rinse the covers thoroughly and allow them to dry completely before putting them on headphones or earplugs.

Clean the earplugs or earplugs with the alcohol wipes you find in first aid kits. This will remove the germs and bacteria that may have collected.

Remove the visible wax that has collected in the holes of the handset with a toothpick. Be very careful not to pierce and put more inside the wax in the headphones or plugs.

Apply a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the wax of your headphones or plugs to see if the bubbling action will loosen the wax. Wipe it with a towel moistened in alcohol.

Cover a cotton swab in mineral oil and tap the wax gently. The oil dissolves the oil, so it is recommended to use mineral oil for people's ears. When it has softened, clean it with a towel moistened in alcohol.


Contact the manufacturer of headphones or earplugs to see if they offer equipment specifically designed to clean your products. Many do it.


Never put headphones or earplugs in the dishwasher or dishwasher.

Video Tutorial: How to Clean EarPods/Apple #AirPods: remove wax cleaning your earphones/earbuds safely - easy!.

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