How To Control Curled And Unruly Hair

How To Control Curled And Unruly Hair

Maybe you dream of having soft hair and lacio but if you have it frizzy and rebellious to make it come true can be difficult and even frustrating. Changing your hair care routine, especially in summer humidity can control hair and eliminate bristling hairs.

Avoid using the dryer to control frizzy and unruly hair. Hot air can make your strands more fluffy, especially if the weather is hot and humid. Beauty Tips Online suggests wrapping the hair with a towel to remove excess water before drying it in the air, and if you decide to use the dryer, you should use a cold air setting.

Properly use combing products to keep your mane under control. Lacquers, mousses and gels designed for curly, curly or wavy hair can keep you in control, as they help you adapt to the hairstyle you have chosen. Apply a small amount of product on your fingers and use them to comb your hair while it is still wet to ensure a better grip.

Pick your hair back with a mackerel tail especially on windy or wet days. It is likely that your hair bristles and curls more when you use loose hairstyles.

Add moisture to hair. If it is frizzy and unruly it can be as a result of dryness. Wash the hair on alternate days, if possible, so that the natural oils produced by the scalp nourish dry and frizzy hair. You can control it temporarily using conditioners without rinsing or hot oil treatments on a weekly basis.

Control unruly hair with a professional cut. Keeping it short will reduce knots, frizziness and other signs of unruly hair. Ask the hairdresser to select a little with a special scissors; thick hair is often harder to handle than the thinnest hair, according to Beauty Tips Online.

Video Tutorial: How to Manage Curly, Frizzy.

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