How To Find The Most Comfortable Golf Clubs

How To Find The Most Comfortable Golf Clubs

When you play golf, virtually all responsibility for how you do it rests with you. The only thing that is out of your control are your clubs. The choice of clubs or clubs can affect your performance, because differences in design can alter the distance and accuracy of your shots. However, you do not have to buy the most expensive set of clubs to get quality - there are many brands that offer good quality at a low price.

Callaway X-22 Tour

The Callaway X-22 Tour club set is a bargain that cost $ 800 in July 2010, but Golf Digest magazine gave this set the silver award for quality His Hot List 2010. According to this same magazine, these clubs are supposed to give security in the grip, so they are good for beginners. However, the Callaway X-22 Tour also has other attractive features for more advanced players, as they have design features such as the variable width in the irons to improve interaction with the turf and a center of gravity closer to the center. the face of the stick.

Cleveland CG7

The Cleveland CG7 clubs were recognized by Golf Magazine for having the quality that made them "stand out from the crowd", however, they sell for less than $ 800. According to Golf Magazine, the Cleveland CG7 set of clubs consistently and consistently offers high and straight shots and offers safety in slices and fades. The magazine also points out that the shots of the Cleveland CG7 series tend to fly higher than those made with other clubs of the same class.

Mizuno MP-68 Forged Irons

The Mizuno MP-68 Forged Irons are the best qualified clubs according to the Golf Club Reviews website. According to Mizuno, these golf clubs are designed to optimize the feel and control of your shots by offering an ideal turn. The manufacturer also notes that the Mizuno MP-68 Forged Irons provide a high level of skill when playing. They cost between US $ 800 and US $ 900.

Wilson FG Tour Forged

Golf Digest magazine gave the Silver Award for quality in its Hot List 2010 to the Wilson FG Tour Forged golf clubs. According to the magazine, Wilson consulted with the best golfers in the world to modify the design of these clubs. It aims to increase the rotation and align the center of gravity of the club in the center of your face with the new design. Golf Digest suggests that this set of clubs can help improve the game for those with low and medium handicaps. The Wilson FG Tour Forged sells for US $ 800.

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