How To Make A Halloween Witch Costume For A Teenager

How To Make A Halloween Witch Costume For A Teenager

Every teenager wants to appear at the Halloween party looking wonderful. When the costumes in stores are too sexy for teenagers, or too expensive, consider doing it yourself. Witch costumes are popular with girls of all ages, but it is no longer an ugly nose or a green face with strategically placed warts. These days witches are beautiful and Gothic creatures. With the right outfit your teenager will look lovely.

The tutu

Measure the waist and multiply the measurement by 3. Cut a piece of satin ribbon with this measurement.

Put the tape on the floor and measure the measurement of the hip on the left side of the tape, making a mark with a chalk, that is, if the measurement is 24 inches (60 cm), make a mark at 24 o'clock inches from the left side. Repeat the same measurement from the left of the tape. The space between the two marks is where you will put the tulle to make the tutu.

Determine the length you want for the tutu by measuring from the waist to cover the thighs. Double the measurement and cut approximately 60 strips of tulle lengthwise. Cut the same amount in each color of the tulle that in total must be 60, that is to say that if you are using 3 colors you must cut 20 of each color.

You must tie the ribbon around a chair, making sure that the marks you made on the ribbon are not tied to the bow.

Starts at the midpoint between the two marks. Take a piece of tulle and fold it to the middle of its length. Join the tulle in half and fold it behind the ribbon so that there is a 1-inch (2, 5 cm) tulle roll on the ribbon and the rest of the part folded under it. Pull the tulle under the ribbon and over and around it through the tulle loop to make a slip knot and tighten it firmly. Put another piece of tulle of another color next to the first one holding it in the same way, continue adding the pieces of tulle mixing the colors until covering the ribbon between the two marks.

Witch hat

Use a sheet of black cardboard and roll it into a cone shape. Put the cone on the teen's head and adjust the size to the head so that it is comfortable. Glue the cone with glue to secure it and hold it with hooks until the glue of the cone dries, when the glue has dried it cuts the surplus of the cardboard sheet so that the base of the cone is straight in such a way that it stands on its own.

Determine how wide you want to make the eaves of the witch's hat. Cut a circle with the diameter of the cone, put the cone in the middle of the cardboard circle and mark it, cut the circle of the cardboard to make the hole in the head.

Cut a piece of black satin fabric 11 ½ inches (29 cm) by 16 ½ inches (42 cm).Put the soft part of the fabric against the floor, spray spray adhesive on the cone in a well-ventilated area, place the upper left part of the fabric from the tip of the cone, wrap the fabric around the cone until it is completely covered, removing any wrinkle or bubble. Secure the fabric over the cone with glue and remove excess glue from the end of the cone.

Cut a piece of cloth with the size of at least twice the diameter of the large circle, unfold the cloth on the upside down side. Spray one side of the circle cut into cardboard with the adhesive. Put the cardboard circle in the middle of the fabric and press to adhere the fabric to the cardboard, spray on the remaining cardboard face with the spray adhesive and put the fabric on the circle towards the hole in the middle of the circle, use a pin to cut the fabric of the circle in the middle of the eave of the hat.

Put the cone on a flat surface and drag the eave of the hat over the cone until it does not fit anymore. Use hot glue to secure the cone to the eave.

Add a tulle bun to the base of the cone to cover the area where the cone and eave join.


Use a mesh for the top of the costume and a half with a diamond pattern to cover the legs.

Put the tulle skirt around the waist and secure it by fastening a bow on the back.

Use the witch hat and sneakers or brightly colored studs or to complete the costume.


You can use the tulle color scheme you want.


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