How To Make A White Beard Even Whiter

How To Make A White Beard Even Whiter

A white beard can make a man look very distinguished by giving him an almost magical status. However, the problem with white beards is that they fade and turn yellow. A few simple tricks will help you to have your white and pure beard in a very short time.

Wash your beard and mustache with plenty of soap and warm water. Rinse with clean water and repeat the procedure. While still soaped, carefully comb the beard with a fine-toothed comb. This will eliminate any accumulation of oil, dirt and dead skin. Rinse abundantly and dry with a towel.

Fill a sink, which is covered, with a quart of warm water and add the lemon juice. Wet your beard with the solution making sure to cover every hair. You can use the comb or your hands. Leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse and check your beard. If it has been successfully bleached, you should simply repeat this treatment once a week. If it still presents discoloration or darker hairs, proceed as follows.

Get a skin test with the facial hair bleach. Put on the gloves that are usually included with the equipment. Follow the manufacturer's instructions in the attached leaflet. If you do not have any reaction, you can continue with the process. Protect the skin around the beard by applying petroleum jelly with your fingers. You must be careful with the neck area as it can be very sensitive.

Mix bleach according to instructions. Most bleaching treatments are made of two components, although in some, this step may be unnecessary. Use the small comb or brush, which is included in the equipment, to apply it carefully on the beard. Be careful not to get in your eyes. If you have black hairs, cover these areas first, or start on the highest part until you reach the lower end.

Wait for the amount of time indicated in the instructions. Do not leave the bleach longer than recommended. Wipe excess product and Vaseline with paper towels. Rinse carefully with warm water. Wash yourself with soap and water. Apply hair conditioner on your beard. Rinse well and dry it. Moisten the exposed skin with a facial moisturizing lotion.

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