How To Strengthen Muscles To Prevent Leg Cramps?

How To Strengthen Muscles To Prevent Leg Cramps?

Leg cramps occur when stiff or excess muscles of work are overworked when you run or perform another high impact exercise. These muscles begin to pull the bone of the tibia, generating pain in the shin. Strength training exercises can help prevent leg cramps. Stronger muscles will be able to handle higher impact exercise and longer runs.


Strengthens the twins. Stand on tiptoe and then gradually lower your heels to the ground. Repeat this movement in groups of 10. Use weights to make the exercise more difficult.

Anterior Tibial

The anterior tibial muscle runs through the front of the leg. Strengthens the muscle by raising the toes. Ask a friend to hold your feet against the ground and lift your toes against this resistance. Then, gradually bring your toes to the ground. Repeat this exercise in groups of 10. You can also strengthen the anterior tibial muscles by drawing the entire alphabet in the air pointing with your finger. Or sit on a chair and place weight, like a small bucket full of rocks, on your foot. Lift the foot up and down, against the resistance, without bending the knee.


Strengthens the muscles and tendons of the feet by picking up objects with the fingers. Gather a thin towel with your fingers or pick up a pair of dice or marbles. These exercises are also directed to your Achilles tendon.


Supplement your strength training exercises with regular stretching. Stretching keeps your leg muscles loose, flexible and less vulnerable to injury. Stretch at least once a day and always stretch before and after exercise. To stretch the upper twin, stand up against a wall, with one foot near the wall and one foot behind you. Stretch the back leg and lean on the wall, bending the front knee. To stretch the lower twin, take the same position but bend the knee back a little. To stretch the Achilles tendon and inferior twin, support the metatarsals (the sole of the foot closest to the fingers) on a step and lean forward, leaving the heel below the step surface. To stretch the muscles of the front of the leg, kneel with your shins and your insteps against the ground. Lie on your heels to feel a soft pull in the muscles along your shins.


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