How To Treat Mosquito Bites In A Baby

How To Treat Mosquito Bites In A Baby

Babies with skin exposed to the outdoors are at risk of mosquito bites. Mosquitoes frequently bite areas such as the neck, hands and ankles. The bites can cause uncomfortable itching and swelling, which can be difficult for a child to deal with, especially a small child who can not communicate. Remedies that work for adults may not be safe for use in babies, so special precautions should be taken when treating mosquito bites in small children.

Clean the area where the mosquito bit the baby with warm water and soap. This will calm him down and eliminate the blood left by the mosquito when it is bitten.

Apply a cold towel on the sting to relieve itching and reduce swelling. An ice pack will also work to reduce discomfort, but wrap a towel or cloth around the ice pack to keep it from getting too cold on the baby's skin.

Applies calamine lotion to stop stinging of the sting. Create a thick paste with baking soda and water if you do not have the lotion. Apply a small amount on the affected area.

Cut the baby's nails to prevent the baby from scratching the open sting. Mosquito bites exposed with blood are at increased risk of infection. Scratching the sting can also cause bacteria from under the baby's fingernails to reach the sting. Trimming the baby's nails will also prevent the baby from getting a scar.

Controls stings for 24 hours, controlling excessive swelling or drainage. Continue applying cold pads and lotion for as long as the baby seems uncomfortable. The bites can take weeks to disappear completely.


Use mosquito nets in strollers, car seats, and playpens to keep mosquitoes from biting the baby.

Dress the baby in lightweight long-sleeved shirts and pants before going outdoors.

A localized swelling is normal after contracting a mosquito bite. Do not call the doctor unless it is serious or if there are other alarming symptoms.


Call the pediatrician if the baby begins to have a high fever, is disoriented, or seems sensitive to light.

Insect repellent is not recommended for babies under 2 months of age.

Video Tutorial: 9 Natural Remedies To Cure Mosquito Bites In Babies.

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