Information On Arniflora Arnica Gel

Information On Arniflora Arnica Gel

The arnica montana plant, also called mountain tobacco, is the source of arnica gel, a topical product to treat pain and inflammation. Arniflora is a specific brand of arnica gel produced by Boericke and Tafel and is promoted as a completely natural homeopathic preparation. Arniflora Arnica gel contains 8 percent Arnica tincture as an active ingredient in a witch hazel base. The company also offers an oral homeopathic remedy of arnica. You should not ingest the gel.

Please consult your doctor before trying homeopathic remedies at home.


Mountain Arnica has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, as noted by the University of Maryland Medical Center. In herbal form, it is almost totally restricted to topical uses since arnica can cause serious side effects. As an oral homeopathic remedy, arnica is safe, according to UMMC, since the substance is very dilute.


The manufacturer of Arniflora Boericke and Tafel has been in business since 1800, according to Celletech. The company is known not only for its homeopathic preparations, but for the publication of a large number of books on homeopathy. The Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica by W. Boericke, MD, first published in 1901, is still updated and printed today, along with other Boericke books.


In homeopathy, arnica is often the first remedy applied to acute injuries, according to UMMC. Arnica gel can be useful in relieving pain, inflammation and swelling caused by bruises, sprains, common insect bites and muscle aches, arthritis, and even fractures.

Expert Information

Some research supports the use of arnica gel to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. For example, a study published in the September-October 2002 issue of "Advances in Therapy" investigated the effects of fresh planted arnica gel on mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis. Participants applied the gel twice a day and reported significant decreases in pain and stiffness, as well as increased function after three and six weeks. In addition, a study published in "Rheumatology International" in April 2007 found that the beneficial effects of a topical gel of ibuprofen and a topical arnica gel were similar for participants with osteoarthritis in the joints of the hand.


Arniflora Arnica gel can be applied to affected areas up to four times a day, explains Enzymatic Therapy. This use is appropriate for adults and for children at least 2 years of age.You should not apply the gel on the injured skin, to prevent the entry of arnica into the blood, nor should you ingest it. Prolonged use can cause skin irritation, peeling, blistering or eczema, according to UMMC. In the "Advances in Therapy" study, one person experienced an allergic reaction to the arnica gel and 87 percent of the participants rated the gel tolerance as good or very good.

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