Supination When Running

Supination When Running

The way your foot touches the ground when running affects the way in which it absorbs the impact. Pronation or supination refers to the inward turn that your foot makes when making contact with the ground. The arch of your foot affects pronation. A neutral pronation is ideal, but many runners, either by having excess or lack of supination, can suffer injuries or feel pain in the joints and muscles.


The lack of supination is the term used to describe a foot that does not roll inward enough when it hits the ground. The foot does not absorb the shock that is generated when hitting the ground, and, likewise, a smaller part of the foot comes in contact with it... People with high arches tend to suffer from this condition. This type of pronation usually occurs less frequently than excess supination, but both types can cause problems in runners.


A simple method to identify the lack of supination is to take a step normally on your bath mat with wet feet, although doing so on a piece of cardboard or similar surface also works. If a large part of the feet does not appear in the arch area, you may be suffering from this condition. Another method of identification is to check your running shoes. With the two shoes on a flat surface, such as a table, look at the back of them at eye level. If you suffer from lack of supination, the shoes probably lean outwards. You can also observe a greater wear on the outer edge of the plant or a displacement of the upper part of the shoe. Another option is to perform analysis of the way you walk in a store running items.


The lack of the process of turning the foot inward causes greater shocks to reach the lower leg. This can cause joint problems or lead to stress fractures, even leading to the appearance of plantar fasciitis. You may also experience pain in the feet, especially the arches. The lack of supination affects your way of running, possibly making you less efficient in each step.


Running shoes specially designed for runners suffering from this condition reduce the risk of pain and injury. The shoes help absorb the blow that is generated when your feet hit the ground. Look for more cushioning in the shoe to support your foot. Staff members in the running supply stores can usually recommend certain shoes, which will be the ones that best suit your gait when you run.A thorough heating and cooling routine helps reduce the risk of injury, by preparing muscles and increasing muscle flexibility. If your lack of supination continues to affect your performance, visit your doctor to obtain other alternatives.

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