The Benefits Of Watermelon For Men

The Benefits Of Watermelon For Men

Watermelon is a fruit that not only serves to quench your thirst on a hot day, but can also help keep you healthy. The research shows that watermelon has many benefits, especially useful for the health of men. Packed with vitamins and minerals, watermelon can have several positive effects on the body.


Watermelon is an excellent source of potassium, vitamins C and A, and contains a high concentration of beta-carotene. The crust of red watermelon also contains citrulline, a phytonutrient that has health benefits such as increased blood flow throughout the body. The inside of a watermelon has approximately 92 percent water. The remaining 8 percent has the highest concentration of lycopene found in any fresh fruit or vegetables. The benefits of watermelon are plentiful, especially for men.

Prostate Health

Researchers believed that lycopene was only in tomatoes, but watermelon contains a higher concentration of lycopene than any fresh fruit or vegetable. Lycopene has antioxidant qualities that keep skin, heart and prostate healthy. In a study conducted by doctors at the University of Illinois in Chicago, they tested subjects who ingested lycopene for three weeks before undergoing a scheduled prostatectomy. The results showed a significant decrease in tissue damage of the prostate at the end of the three-week trial.

Erectile Dysfunction

The watermelon rind contains a high concentration of a phytonutrient called citrulline. Dr. Bhimu Patil, director of the Texas A & M's Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center, has investigated citrulline, finding it has health benefits. One of its advantages is the ability to relax the blood vessels, just like the medications used to treat erectile dysfunction. When ingested, citrulline increases levels of nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels to increase the flow of blood throughout the body. While the cause of erectile dysfunction can involve a variety of psychological and physiological problems, an increase in blood flow may help in mild cases.

Reduces blood pressure

In a study conducted at Florida State University, Professor Bahram H. Arjmandi found that after giving watermelon extract to nine subjects with hypertension for six weeks, each showed a lower blood pressure at the end of the study. Citrulline allows a greater flow of blood in the body, which can help with hypertension. Figueroa also indicated that patients could ingest lower doses of antihypertensive drugs when combined with the citrulline found in watermelon.

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