5 Simple Lunches To Pack With Less Than 500 Calories (Costing $ 8, 50 Or Less)

5 Simple Lunches To Pack With Less Than 500 Calories (Costing $ 8, 50 Or Less)

Lose weight. Eat healthy. Save money. Pay debts.

Each year, these are cited among the 10 most common goals made by Americans... and often later appear among those that are not met.

This is the year in which you will fulfill your goals. By making your own food instead of buying it to go, you will save money and calories. These five meals are easy to pack, so you will really make them and they taste delicious, so you will enjoy eating them. In addition, they have less than 500 calories, to help you maintain a healthy weight. And not only are they lean; each one includes a nutritional superstar secret that will make your diet better quality, too.

No cutting, measuring and cooking at home. Oh, and there is not a boring sandwich in the pile. So get ready and decide to succeed.

Magical Pad Thai for microwaves (for around US $ 5)

Packages of six for a dollar of ramen can be the vital element of the twenties and the nightmare of cardiologists but it is the seasoning that It's full of salt, not the noodles. Try mixing unseasoned noodles with your favorite canned Asian sauces, canned vegetables and precooked meats and you have plenty of ways to have more than just a sandwich on your desk.

This version of pad thai packs all the flavor in less than 500 calories and leaves you with extra spinach to chop like a salad the next day.

Highlighted nutritional ingredient: the egg yolk is filled with choline, a nutrient that can help keep your liver free of fat deposits.

You will need: - 1 package of ramen noodles (any flavor) - 1 can of 14 ounces of La Choy bean sprouts (or similar) - 1 can of 4 ounces of mushrooms and their stems - 1 jar of Thai Kitchen Original Pad Thai Sauce (or similar) - 1 hard-boiled egg - 1 pack of baby spinach leaves - Can opener - Microwave container - Knife or fork

To do this: 1. Prepare the pasta according to package instructions but do not incorporate the package spices 2. Open and empty the mushrooms. Open the bean sprouts. 3. Cut the egg into pieces. 4. Drain the broth from the noodles. Add the mushrooms, a handful of spinach leaves and two tablespoons of the sauce and mix well. 5. Add the egg and as many bean sprouts as you like.

Total calories (prepared): 439 Total cost (prepared): US $ 5, 09

Greek salad with good fats and no work (around US $ 8)

Bringing a satisfying salad to work does not need to be a morning task to cut and mix... and it does not have to be past by noon. Bring some small containers and you can make this Greek salad surprisingly simple and as full of flavor as those you buy for $ 12 or more in an elegant restaurant with salads to take away.

Highlighted nutritional ingredient: you know that all those olives are good. But Roman is not just empty filling: two cups of these green foods offer more than 100% of your recommended daily value of vitamin A.

You'll need: - 1 bag of pre-chopped romaine lettuce - 1 8-ounce tube of crumbled feta cheese - 2 roasted red peppers from the olive bar of the shop - 6 olive trees from the olive bar of the shop - A little extra juice from the olive bar (to season the salad) - 1 pack of grape tomatoes - Salad bowl

To do so: 1. Mix half of the shredded cheese with all the other ingredients.

Total calories (as prepared): 346 Total cost (prepared): $ 7, 99

Rice and beans in two minutes (for US $ 3, 78)

This combo is a staple for a reason: rice and beans complement each other to give your body a complete protein, without a pinch of meat. And you can eat it at work, without reheating but just out of the microwave in the kitchen, in just two minutes. Try it with half a bag of romaine lettuce as a simple salad or eat it alone for a spicy meal that satisfies you.

Highlighted nutritional ingredient: you know they are full of fiber and protein but black beans also have B vitamins. One serving contains 64% of your recommended daily intake of folic acid and 28% of B1.

You will need: - 1 bowl of Minute Rice brown rice ready to serve! (or similar) - 1 can of 15, 5 ounces of black beans - 1 can of 14, 5 ounces of chopped tomatoes with mild spicy green chiles - Can opener - Microwave container

To do so: 1. Prepare the rice according to to package instructions. 2. While cooking the rice, open the black beans and tomatoes. Pour half of each can (with liquids) into the container. Discard the rest of both. Add a splash of water in case it was not enough. 3. When the rice is cooked, microwave the bean / tomato mixture for one minute. 4. Mix the rice with the beans and tomatoes. If there is cream or sour sauce in your office fridge, add a tablespoon of each.

Total calories (prepared): 448 Total cost (prepared): US $ 3, 18

Tuna and melted cheese without adherezos (for US $ 3, 79)

Ok, so there is a sandwich, but no It is a boring ham and cheese. Get your sticky cheese look without all the mix with this fusion of microwave tuna.

Highlighted nutritional ingredient: Tuna is full of proteins and omega-3 fatty acids, this you already know. But it also has a lot of potassium, an essential mineral for heart and muscle health and that can help lower blood pressure as well.

You will need: - 1 muffin - 1 StarKist Tuna Salad lunch-to-go (or bag of pre-mixed tuna for salad, similar) - 1 mozzarella cheese in strand - Dish suitable for microwaves

To do so: 1.Open the package of tuna, discarding the cookies (or save them to make crumbs in the soup made at home). Put the tuna on the plate. 2. Cut the cheese into pieces and put it in threads on top of the tuna. 3. Toast the bun. 4. Put the tuna in the microwave long enough to melt the cheese. 5. Spread the tuna and cheese on the roll.

Total calories (prepared): 370 Total cost (prepared): US $ 3, 79

The fastest soup in the world (and only has 376 calories)

The soup of a can has a lot of problems. It is loaded with sodium, it is low in nutrition (especially filler protein) and, most importantly, the broth usually resembles the contents of a runny nose.

You can do something better and you do not even need a stove. Buy a roast chicken the night before and cut a lot of meat. Take her to work with the other ingredients listed and you can have a chicken taco soup in a matter of minutes.

You will need: - 4 oz roast chicken meat without skin (about the size of your palm) - 1 can of 14, 5 ounces of corn kernels in water - 1 can of 15, 5 ounces of chicken broth ( low in sodium) - 1 can of 14, 5 ounces of chopped tomatoes with mild spicy green chiles - 3 or 4 tortilla chips, in crumbs - Can opener - Microwave container

Optional: - One (1) small container of onion previously chopped (find it near the fresh sauces in the supermarket)

To do so: 1. Drain the corn and tomatoes. 2. In the bowl, mix the broth and the chicken. Add half of the corn, half of the tomatoes, onions and tortilla chips. Discard the remaining tomatoes and corn (or store them for beans and rice). 3. Put the mixture in the microwave on high heat for two to three minutes.

Total calories (prepared): 376 Total cost (prepared): US $ 8, 50 (but includes all chicken!)

Video Tutorial: Low-Calorie Meal Prep Your Day.

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