5 Surprisingly Healthy Breakfasts

5 Surprisingly Healthy Breakfasts

Sometimes it seems like a healthy breakfast leaves you with only two options:

Eggs and Oats Oats and Eggs

This apparent lack of options makes it simple to see why so many people eventually surrender to fast food, pancakes or waffles or skip meals altogether. But it does not have to be like that.

If you think outside the box of cereal and add some unconventional ingredients, you will have many options to keep you satisfied every morning. The following meals are prepared quickly and easily, giving you many options for the next time you ask, "What's for breakfast?"

Think outside the cereal box, add unconventional ingredients and you'll have plenty of tasty options to keep you satisfied.

Crunchy Fruit Burritos

Whole grain tortillas are not just tasty wrappers, they're also a delicious way to create a breakfast that you can eat by hand on busy mornings. Start smearing peanut butter on the tortilla and then sprinkle with chopped almonds, says Suzanne Farrell, M.S., R. D. Then add a couple of servings of canned pumpkin puree, a few thin slices of apple and a handful of raisins. Sprinkle some cinnamon over the ingredients and then fold the ends and roll them to create a burrito. If you're in a hurry, wrap it in a paper towel and take it to eat on the way.

THE BENEFITS: Almond protein and peanut butter, and whole grains that are digested slowly will help keep you satisfied. Pumpkin puree boosts you with its vitamin A, while apples and raisins increase fiber content to help balance blood sugar.

Pizza Rolls

You may be surprised to learn that the old cold pizza you ate at the university is not the worst breakfast you could eat, but why confirm with a portion of the previous day when you can prepare a hot version? healthy in a few minutes? Start with a small whole grain pita core, recommends Farrell. Cut the pita bread in half and spread the inside of each half with a spoonful of marinara sauce (look for a version made without added sugar). Then prepare two scrambled eggs with baby spinach and chopped red peppers and cook until firm. Divide the scrambled vegetables between the two halves of pita bread. Top it with low-fat, grated mozzarella cheese and then finish each half of pita bread with a dash of Italian dressing or dried Italian herbs. Wrap each half with aluminum foil and place it in the toaster (ATTENTION, THE TOASTER MUST NOT BE ELECTRIC) for 5 minutes or until the cheese melts.

THE BENEFITS: The eggs are full of proteins that help your muscles, and the fibrous vegetables will help you stay satisfied and provide you with the necessary vitamins and minerals.As an added bonus, marinara sauce has healthy lycopene, and the cheese is full of calcium that fights fat.

Quinoa (sweet or salty)

Change the predictable (ie, boring) bowl of oats by quinoa, says Amber Massey, RD, LD Cook the quinoa in water using a radius of 1: 1, 25 (from quinoa: water) until the grains are spongy and the water is absorbed. Cover it with a touch of maple syrup or honey, add a pinch of cinnamon and finish with a handful of berries to change the typical porridge. Or, cook the quinoa the night before and in the morning mix it with 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt, a spoonful of honey and a few tablespoons of ground flax seeds, which are rich in fiber and essential fatty acid ALA. If this does not fit your taste buds, combine cooked and cold quinoa with beaten eggs (use two eggs for each cup of quinoa). Add and stir 1/4 cup of low-fat cheddar cheese. Create medallions with the mixture and cook them in a non-stick pan covered with cooking spray. Place the quinoa medallion between two halves of a full-grain English muffin and add a few thin slices of crunchy apple for a sweet-salty combination.

THE BENEFITS: Quinoa is a South American grain that has many proteins, says Massey. But that's just the beginning, quinoa also has few carbohydrates, a lot of fiber and even has good fats. It is safe to say that it is a super food that will do good to your body. The additions to any of these quinoa foods, whether they are antioxidant-filled berries, eggs with protein, Greek yogurt or flax seeds that have many essential fatty acids, make these choices the new standard for health and nutrition. flavor.

Pasta Frittata

Do not get rid of the remains of whole grain spaghetti after dinner, save them for breakfast the next day. A delicious Italian pasta cake, or pasta frittata, is an excellent way to make a profit. Start by heating a little olive oil in a small non-stick oven pan. Add a few tablespoons of finely chopped red peppers and green onion, cooking until tender. Add enough spaghetti, angel hair or fettuccine to create a layer at the bottom of the pan. Let it sit until it is firm and golden on the bottom (the top will still be soft). Place the pan under the broiler in the preheated oven until it turns golden brown. Cut it into strips and serve it with slices of fresh tomato and a few pieces of turkey bacon.

THE BENEFITS: "Healthy breakfasts should include a complex carbohydrate, some protein and a healthy fat," says Massey. It will be difficult to overcome the combination of pasta, eggs, olive oil and turkey bacon.Do not let your mind deceive you: these meals can play a role in a healthy diet, even in a plan to lose weight, as long as they are not consumed in excess.

Crunchy berries

Four dinner remains to eat for breakfast the next day

It may seem more logical to eat the remains at lunch, but to break the breakfast routine, try to warm up the evening's dinner earlier first thing in the morning.

Chicken Soup From the lean protein of the chicken to the variety of vegetables inside, the chicken soup will leave you satisfied and is excellent for a cold day. Try serving soup over cooked brown rice instead of eating whole grains.

Soba and salmon noodles Learn some of the Japanese people who usually eat fish at their morning meals. Eat it cold as a salad or heat it lightly with a little vegetable broth. Buckwheat soba noodles have a lot of fiber, and fish is full of heart-healthy proteins and fats, which will help keep you satisfied until lunch.

Meat loaf on toast Reheat your homemade meat loaf and serve on a whole-grain toast topped with extra virgin olive oil. This combination will achieve the ideal balance of complex carbohydrates, proteins and fats good for the heart that Amber Massy, ​​R. D., L. D. recommends for breakfast time.

Refried beans and chicken fajitas Reheat the remains of Mexican food and wrap them in a whole grain tortilla. Cover them with cheddar cheese with a low fat content and a little calcium. Serve them with sauce or simply wrap them and take them with you. The protein and fibers in the beans combined with the lean chicken make an excellent combination to give you energy and keep you satisfied.


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