A Healthy Percentage Of Body Fat For Runners

A Healthy Percentage Of Body Fat For Runners

Individual sports require a specific body composition, and with the runners, the different types of people will benefit from their different body shapes. The ideal body fat percentage for a runner varies depending on whether he is a sprint runner (at full speed) or a runner away. Runners should also be aware that losing too much weight has a negative effect on their health.

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Doctors Asker Jeukendrup and Michael Gleeson write in their book "Sports Nutrition" that male marathon runners should have a body fat percentage of 5 to 11% and women of 10 to 15%. Women who run at full speed should look for a body fat percentage of 12 to 20% and men of 8 to 10%. All women, runners or not, need a little extra body fat so that their reproductive hormones function properly.

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