Acne Deep Cysts

Acne Deep Cysts

For adults, acne sometimes appears as red cysts inflamed in the face. Although they are unattractive and painful, adult acne treatment can help cleanse them. Medications and certain skin procedures can treat and prevent problematic manca, but learn the potential side effects to protect your health.

Adult acne

Women are more afflicted than men when affected by adult acne because of the effect of fluctuating hormones on the skin. Adult acne usually appears as cysts or nodules, instead of the black or white spots associated with adolescents. Acne cysts are full of dead skin cells, oil and bacteria that can expand more into the skin, resulting in a painful swollen spot. So large spots can leave scars after they heal.

Oral antibiotic treatments

Seeks help from a dermatologist for cysts that do not respond to over-the-counter medication treatments. Prescription oral antibiotics made to cleanse bacteria from inside your body kill the bacteria in your system and reduce inflammation of the cysts that are already on the skin. While oral antibiotics are an effective treatment for adult acne, women should keep in mind that it may decrease the effectiveness of pregnancy control.

Topical antibiotic treatments

Like a gel or cream, topical prescription antibiotics help to shrink and prevent acne cysts while killing the bacteria on the surface of the skin. Topical medications include prescription retinoids, salicylic acid, antibiotics or benzoyl peroxide. A potential side effect of topical treatment is that they can make your face more prone to sunburn, so apply a thin layer on your face. Other common side effects include dry, red or peeling skin.

Treatment of cyst

For specifically problematic acne cysts that do not respond to any medication, seek the help of a dermatologist to have it removed professionally. You can undergo a procedure called "drainage and extraction," whereby a doctor carefully cuts the cyst to clean the infection and remove the stain. Additionally, the dermatologist can inject medicine directly into the cyst to clean the painful spot.

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