Aerobic Exercises For People With Back Problems

Aerobic Exercises For People With Back Problems

Although smokers face a high At the risk of back pain, most people will experience this discomfort at some point in their lives. The pain in the back can be very mild or quite intense, which can make it impossible to perform daily activities such as going to work or driving. Regular aerobic exercises, such as walking and swimming, help you reduce back pain and improve your health and there are several ways to do this. Understand how physical activity benefits your back to find the relief you deserve.

Understanding Back Pain

Back pain is the most frequent reason why people miss work or call a doctor. Common symptoms include stabbing back pain, pain that extends along your leg, reduced flexibility and inability to stay upright. Your risk of back pain is increased by smoking, having an unhealthy body weight or experiencing large amounts of stress. Women are more likely than men to suffer from back pain. Most cases of back pain heal after a few weeks of home care, and surgery is rarely required.

Safe Aerobic Exercise

Doctors often recommend people with back pain to practice low-impact aerobics, such as walking, to increase resistance and strength in your back and improve muscle function. Walking exercises offer a great level of convenience, as this activity only requires a good pair of athletic shoes and does not require you to join any gym. Walking also helps your back by facilitating weight loss, since being overweight increases the pressure on your back muscles. People who walk or regularly do some other aerobic activity also benefit by decreasing the risk of developing osteoporosis, heart problems and diabetes.

Swimming and cycling

Swimming complements walks as a low-impact aerobic exercise for the back, which requires minimal effort, as your weight supports the water. Swimming also helps if you have problems with your muscles or joints. Some people with back pain prefer to ride a bicycle, either stationary or outdoors. Cycling improves your health, but also frees your back, as well as your ankles, hips or knees, from the stress that probably triggers the pain, and in the same way it is a light impact exercise. Some doctors prescribe a cycling regimen for patients who are significantly overweight or suffer from arthritis.

Aerobic frequency

Most aerobic exercise plans include activity five days each week for 30 to 60 minutes per session, although your doctor can offer advice on how to adjust your regimen to your health condition in general.Ask your doctor if dividing your aerobic exercise by walking, biking or swimming in small segments of time would be more beneficial than continuous training. Start any aerobic activity at a moderate pace and increase the intensity only when you feel ready.


Consult your doctor if the back pain remains or increases after 3 days of taking care of you or if you begin to feel a tingling, fever or intense pain that extends beyond your knees. In some cases, back pain signals the presence of a serious medical condition, such as spinal cancer and meningitis.

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