Anticipate The New Year

Anticipate The New Year

Each holiday season is the same: So many delicious treats Season and meetings with friends, co-workers and family! As of January, you find that you have gained a few kilos, and it can take several months to get rid of them, if you succeed.

Fortunately, health and fitness experts are armed with suggestions to help you get ahead in the game and navigate the holidays without developing too many rolls or fat.

I choose vegetable crudités instead of miniquiches, fresh fruit instead of baked goods and desserts and lean proteins (like shrimp or turkey breast), instead of roast meat or rib.

Christine Avanti, nutritionist, chef and author of "The thin girls eat real food".

Start with your head

If you want to go through the holiday season without gaining weight, you need to start by developing the right attitude.

In Beverly Hills, California, the bariatric doctor Dr. Payam Kerendian instills an attitude of being able to do in his patients to help them overcome this time of year without leaving your diet healthy.

"You must have the 'I'm not going to gain weight' mentality," Kerendian said. "One misconduct leads to the other, and you can not allow yourself to think, 'Oh, I did it once, again it's not going to hurt '", or" I already ate that bag of chips, I could eat the cake, too ".

"You have to think you're going to the gym today, not next week, and stop the onslaught of weight gain.If you're at a party, you have to know that you're not going to eat all the cake. make excuses. "

Joey González is operations director of "Barry's bootcamp"; several branches of this place are frequented by Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried and Jake Gyllenhaal, among other celebrities. Gonzalez, who serves as a celebrity coach in New York and the Los Angeles locations of Barry's Bootcamp, agrees with Kerendian that mental readiness is the key.

"Do not allow yourself to make the decision to let go of everything during the holidays," he recommended. "Set a schedule for yourself, just like anything else in life.If you program and have discipline, you will achieve much more. success if you do not do it. "

"Go to your Christmas break exercising as usual - for example, every other day - and do not give yourself the option to skip the day when it has arrived. Do the exercise and stay on the calendar."

Something to reflect on

Having a defense plan is important when you're going to be surrounded by tempting treats.

Christine Avanti is a celebrity nutritionist, chef and author of the book "Skinny Chicks Eat Real Food" (Real Girls Eat Real Food).

"Start eating healthy meals every three to four hours so you do not fight food cravings and extreme hunger," Avanti said."Then, when you get to a Christmas party, you have more control over your food choices and portions."

Portion control is something that all the experts interviewed for this article agree on.

"The problem with consumption during the holidays in a social environment is that there is always a signal from the stomach to the brain saying that it has reached its limit, and if we are talking or watching television, we ignore the signal, "said Kerendian." Also, our mind tells us we have to finish the plate or the whole bag of chips, so we keep eating. "

"Be aware of when you are at your limit, there are studies in which the same person was given a large plate full of food and a small plate full of food." Both dishes satisfied the person, but with the largest The person ends up eating more, it is important to be more aware of the body's signals than what is on the plate. "

Another strategy is to think about what you are going to eat in advance and be prepared with healthy alternatives.

Avanti does not try to impose on others what can be served. "Instead, lead by example," he said. "I choose vegetable crudités instead of miniquiches, fresh fruit instead of baked goods and desserts and Lean proteins, such as shrimp or turkey breast, instead of roast meat or rib. "

Gonzalez recommends bringing your own food options with you when possible. "Tell your host in advance that you want to bring a couple of plates," he said. "Then you will have absolute control over what you eat, and you do not have to make a Fuss over that. "

If you're caught off guard at an event, Gonzalez suggests, look for protein-focused dishes. "Try to look for things like fish, maybe you're lucky they're serving salmon, just stay away from high-fat foods and Anything in excess does not end well, turkey is a good low-fat protein, but vegetables are difficult because they can be fried or soaked in butter. "


The best form of exercise to deal with fat accumulation during the holidays is interval training, Gonzalez said.

"Make it as simple as possible," he explained. "Walk, jog, and then run as fast as possible, either for 30 seconds or a minute each, and then repeat it for 25 to 30 minutes. That's interval training, it's the best job to burn fat. "

"Most people follow the same rhythm, jog or walk at the same speed for 30 minutes, and it is great for the heart and lungs, but your body enters what is called a stable state and begins to burn your own muscle, which is the last thing you want to do if you're trying to speed up your metabolism.The greater the amount of muscle mass in your body, the faster your metabolism will be. "

Gonzalez strongly recommends weight training as a way to increase metabolism and burn fat. "Lean tissue is built and encourages your body to burn fat at the same time," he said.

If you have not exercised for a long time, start slowly with a few short intervals of walking, jogging and running and build from there. If you feel unable to jog or run, you just have to schedule a quick walk every day.

Tips and tricks

Weighed or not?

Is it better to weigh yourself every day as a deterrent, or is it simply demoralizing?

Joey Gonzalez, a celebrity trainer, director of operations for Barry's Bootcamp, does not advise using the scale: "Muscle mass weighs more than fat," he said, "so a lot of people put on weight when he exercises, but at the same time his size is reduced ".

Dr. Payam Kerendian, a bariatric doctor, also does not like patients focusing on the balance. "I weigh my patients only once a month," he said. "The healthiest weight loss is aimed at reducing the fat mass and the gain of muscle mass, and if the muscle mass increases, the balance will show you a larger number, so it is a false reflection of your progress ".

Author Christine Avanti, a famous nutritionist and chef, advocates free weighing. "I think it's good to be responsible, and weighing yourself makes you responsible," he said. "I think it's not wise to ignore the balance and simply hiding behind self-pity or the excuse that you are demoralizing yourself when you weigh in. I think we are all beautiful in our own skin, and if someone wants to lose weight, he can only start if he accepts himself as he is today. ".

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