Aquatic Exercises For Football Players

Aquatic Exercises For Football Players

It's not just about training hard on gym weights, running great distances and training at speed or hitting a blocking dummy. American football players who want to train hard and improve their work can train in the pool as well. Aquatic training can help a player run faster, jump higher and can even help kickers reach more height and distance in their kicks.

Running in shallow water

A player can improve his speed by running in shallow water. Go to the pool area where the depth reaches your thighs. Jump for 25 yards in one direction and jump back. Take a one minute break and repeat the exercise. At the end of the second round you probably feel exhausted but do your best to maintain your speed.

Vertical jump exercise

Stand in water that reaches your waist. Bend your knees at a 45 degree angle and jump as high as you can. When falling, repeat immediately; jump like this 15 times. Take a 15-minute break and repeat the entire exercise. The resistance that the water provides will help you develop strength and explosive power in your legs to jump. This can help you jump higher as a catcher, catch a pass on the defender or help you raise enough to block the ball to a receiver if you are the receiver.

Aquatic squats

This is a very good exercise for kickers. Kicking the ball high and far is not just about explosive strength in the legs and hips. Much of a kicker's power comes from his abs and core muscles. Hold the bottom of the exit podium at the end of the pool. Lift your body so that your feet do not touch the bottom of the pool. Stretch your toes and lift your legs so that your body forms an "L"; Hold this position for two seconds. Return to the starting position. Make this move 15 times, take a one-minute break and repeat the set.

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