Are Burpees Exercises That Work The Whole Body?

Are Burpees Exercises That Work The Whole Body?

Burpees with resistance are an intensive exercise for everything the body. Although there are very few people who like to make burpees; These are actually an effective way to do an exercise for the whole body. They are good for giving more strength, cardio-respiratory resistance and impulse strength. To make a burpee start in the squat position with your hands on the floor, in front of you. Pull your feet back in the arm flex position. Immediately turn your feet to the original squat position and from there try to jump as high as you can.


The burpees work almost all the muscles of the body in a dynamic and static way. Regular exercises of burpees will give more strength to your body. Your arms, shoulders, back and abdomen are used to stabilize the upper part of your body in the first part of the exercise; The central muscles, hips, thighs and calves work to push your body up during the second part of the exercise.


Resistance is basic as a component of cardiovascular exercises as well as running or swimming. However, when performed with great intensity, strength exercises such as burpees, weightlifting with barbell and force bell can help improve cardiovascular endurance. The more muscles you use at one time, the greater the oxygen demand of your body. Since the burpees work your entire body you can be sure that the inhaled oxygen will grow a lot during exercise, which will lead to increased ventilation and heart rate. To ensure you have a good cardiovascular exercise during the burpees you should concentrate on doing them as fast as you can.


There are some variations of the burpees that will make the exercise even more demanding and work more muscles in the body. After extending your legs, to the push-ups position, bend your arms before returning to the squat position. Adding a flex to the burpee will give more intensity and at the same time works the chest. Make the burpees by keeping a bar with weight in front of you; with it you will work the muscles of the arm and back. When you jump up from the squat position, take the bar and lift it up. The higher the bar, the more demanding the exercise will be.


The burpees are a convenient exercise, they do not need equipment or membership in the gym. Burpees can be made anywhere; a park, a garage, basement or any place where your body fits. When you work you do not have to worry about finding hotels with exercise rooms, instead you can make burpees in the privacy of your room.

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