Benefits Of Ankle Weights

Benefits Of Ankle Weights

If you're looking to put something of challenge to your exercise routine, the wide variety of options available in the market can come to overwhelm you. You will find all kinds of devices in which you can sit, stand, pull and push to get fit and shape your body. However, a simple pair of ankle weights is enough to get all the benefits you are looking for. Once you know how to use them, you can incorporate your weights in all kinds of exercises of your routine.

Toning and shaping legs

By themselves, leg lifts can improve your flexibility and range of motion. However, for better toning, you must add some resistance. This does not mean that you have to carry heavy things or develop your muscles in an exaggerated way. All you have to do is add some weight to exercise to tire your muscles. The American College of Sports Medicine notes that many people, especially women, focus on doing many repetitions and avoid adding extra weight. However, to become stronger you must exercise the muscles until they wear out. If you do it properly, adding some weights to your leg and glute exercise will shape your muscles the way you want without causing you to look like a bodybuilder. An additional benefit: Muscles burn more calories than fat, even when you're at rest. A more developed muscle in your legs will improve your metabolism and help you meet your goal of losing weight.

Ankle weights are versatile

To get the most out of your exercise, your routine varies from time to time. Performing the same exercise all the time will cause your body to get used to the movement and the benefits will not be the same. If you usually use devices or bands to exercise your legs, try to use some weights at the ankles to perform the same exercises in different positions. You can do leg exercises while standing, sitting, lying on your back or on your abdomen or resting on your hands and knees. One warning: avoid walking with ankle weights. It does not pay benefits and can be harmful, according to the University of Kentucky. Wearing ankle weights when walking can put too much pressure on them, the knees and on the base of the thighs, and can disrupt the alignment of your body, all of which can cause pain and joint damage.

Add resistance to your abdominal training

If your abdominal routine has become too easy, add a pair of weights on your ankles, which are very favorable especially for exercising the lower abdomen area, which is a very difficult to exercise. Instead of squatting, put on ankle weights and exercise on the bike, do abdominals with your legs upright and exercise your knees to your chest.When you use the ankle weights in this way, you keep your abdominal muscles contracted and keep your pelvis at a constant incline during each exercise. Always perform the exercises in a slow and controlled manner and avoid balancing while performing the movement. Trying to move too fast while using the weights can cause injuries.

Stronger breathing muscles

Ankle weights can help soothe asthma or some other type of respiratory problem when resting on your chest. Breathing with the weights on your chest is the equivalent of performing strength exercises for your respiratory muscles and can help make them stronger and more efficient. You can use the weights to perform any breathing exercise that your doctor or therapist recommends. Before attempting this, you should consult your trusted physician to ensure that pressure breathing is appropriate for you.

Video Tutorial: Danger of Walking With Ankle Weights.

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