Betsey Armstrong: The Best Food Of All!

Betsey Armstrong: The Best Food Of All!

As a US women's water polo goalkeeper. UU, Betsey Armstrong needs a high energy diet to meet the physical demands of her position.

Armstrong and her teammates took home the silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. To prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the 29-year-old native of Michigan and a student at the University of Michigan, she has followed a fish diet.

Those who often choose fish as food know that often, the key to enjoying food is to use flavorings, beyond the predictable squeezed lemon juice and butter. Armstrong gives credit to his boyfriend, whose talent as a chef prevented him from getting tired of the fish and who created his favorite dish: the Chinese-style salmon.

"I love salmon with ginger," says Armstrong, 6, 1 feet, who made his debut with the US national team. UU in 2006 and is the only team player who comes from the outskirts of California and attends a university located there.

"Sometimes I like to spice cajun seasoning when I want it a little spicier, but I love a ginger glaze that's almost like syrup."

-Betsey Armstrong, Olympic silver medalist

The salmon, says Armstrong, is a versatile fleshy fish that combines well with the sweet, bitter and spicy flavors of Asian marinade. Soy sauce, the dark liquid seasoning made from fermented soybeans and wheat, forms the body of the glaze and gives a hint of spiciness.

Which brings us to Armstrong's winning game: ginger and garlic. The combination adds a mild spicy bite that the golden honey softens with its sweetness. Then add walnut-flavored sesame seeds, which are used in Chinese cuisine 5,000 years ago, and green onions and coriander leaves for flavorful decoration.

Salmon, with its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant properties, is the perfect energy food for Armstrong's demanding training. The team normally trains twice a day in three-hour sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and undergoes three-hour individual sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Then there's the sport itself. As the defense team's last line, Armstrong can not run on an empty stomach. When it is not floating in the water with rotating kicks, it is bursting out of the water to block shots, making quick shots or swimming fast between two and five miles from a standstill.

"Salmon leaves me feeling full," says Armstrong.

How to make salmon Chinese style


1 salmon fillet 2 tbsp.peanut oil 1/3 cup dark soy sauce 2 tbsp. honey 2 tbsp dry sherry 2 cloves of chopped garlic 2 tbsp. fresh ginger peeled and grated Chopped cilantro to decorate Chopped chives to garnish Toasted sesame seeds to garnish Chinese-style mustard sauce (recipe on the bottom)

To marinate the salmon, remove the skin (optional) and cut the fillet in equal pieces around the size of three fingers together. Beat the oil with soy sauce, honey, sherry, garlic and ginger in a container large enough to hold all the salmon. Place the salmon in the container ensuring that each piece is coated with the marinade. Cover and refrigerate one hour.

Grill the salmon six inches from the heat for about four minutes, until a golden crust forms and the salmon is almost cooked. Using a spatula, transfer carefully to the plates and serve immediately.

Chinese style mustard sauce (done ahead of time):

½ cup sugar ¼ cup Colman mustard powder 2 tbsp. chopped ginger 2 egg yolks ½ cup of red wine vinegar ¾ cup of Greek yogurt

Put the sugar, mustard and ginger in a bain-marie and mix with a whisk. Beat egg yolks and vinegar. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally for 10 to 15 minutes, until the sauce is thick enough to form ribbons when you spray with a spoon. Remove the sauce from the heat and let cool. Once cold, pour the Greek yogurt. Keep refrigerated until you need it.

Why you love

Salmon protein and fatty acids group your favorite food with the quality of calories you need to make it your favorite dish.

"It feels like a good balance in terms of knowing that it fits into the life I want to live and ensures that I get the nutrients I need for recovery," Armstrong says.

Training tip

"Salmon with this preparation is best enjoyed with bok choy and other oriental vegetables, but you can eat it with asparagus," says Armstrong, who also adds brown rice or jasmine.

What makes a healthy meal?

According to Trionne Moore, a senior nutritionist at the Canadian Sport Center in Ontario, several ingredients make salmon the Chinese-style nutritional gold medalist.

"Betsey uses fresh herbs and that's great because drying degrades the nutritional status of herbs, if treated with ethylene gas or gamma radiation for preservation," says Moore. "Ginger is an antioxidant, good for digestion, garlic and scallions are allium family and charming for your immune system, tissue healing and liver. "

However, Armstrong must give priority to wild salmon or sockeye salmon that have much more omega 3 that farmed fish. "Farmed salmon sometimes feeds on genetically modified grains, an unnatural diet for salmon," says Moore."So, the salmon is low in omega 3 but rich in omega 6, becoming a pro-inflammatory food."

How to make food even healthier

"One tablespoon of sesame seeds has about 100 milligrams of calcium, "says Moore." So Betsey can make a crust of salmon fillet, or try a crust of wasabi sesame seeds, wasabi is excellent for liver detoxification. "

Moore offers one last advice. "It changes to extra virgin coconut oil, which has more saturated fats, but this fat is stable when you cook over high heat, which means that coconut oil maintains its natural state, so Betsey benefits from medium chain triglycerides Although some studies have shown this, there is some anecdotal evidence that TCMs are a good source of energy for athletes during exercise. "

Video Tutorial: 60 Seconds With - Betsey Armstrong.

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