Bodily Exercises For Obese People

Bodily Exercises For Obese People

When living in an obese body, physical activities that others can take for granted - things like going up the stairs, sitting down and getting up again, bending down to tie your shoes - can become demoralizing challenges. (See Ref. 2) Because of this, body weight exercises can - at first - be one of the most mentally, emotionally and physically challenging activities you undertake. But they are also the most rewarding.

Winning at discomfort

Exercising in an obese body is not just a matter of moving extra weight around - it can also mean managing pain and discomfort resulting from additional obesity. (See Ref. 2) The more associated with exercise than pain and discomfort, the less likely you are to do so - in order to focus on the things you can do with only a slight discomfort. Any opportunity to move your body is good, so go and experiment with low impact activities such as walking, yoga or tai chi until you find something that you like, or that inspires you to work towards a future goal.

Set goals

If you struggle to do everyday activities, bodyweight exercises are your chance to beat them by breaking them into manageable, bite-sized pieces. For example, if your ultimate goal is to go up the stairs to your apartment without losing your breath, set manageable and intermediate goals such as walking a block without losing your breath. Gradually increase the objectives - walk two blocks, walk three blocks, walk three blocks with a hill - and before you know it, you will be dominating those stairs.


If you are looking for low-impact economic training that puts minimal stress on your body, try walking. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, if you can hold on for just one or two weeks you will see that you have begun to improve. Walking is also one of the easiest exercises to incorporate into your daily life. The opportunities are almost everywhere - from walking to the mailbox to doing so to enter the grocery store from the parking area. It also burns a lot of calories: 9, 7 minutes if you weigh 180 pounds, according to the American Council on Exercise. If you weigh more, you burn more calories. (See Ref. 1)

Strength Training

Although you can lift weights like any other person, body weight strength training is free - without gym membership or weight sets needed. That is an additional advantage if you are shy about the idea of ​​working in a public place. In addition, seeing how fast improvements can be a real injection of confidence. Start where you want - if all you can do is jump on scissors with your arms only, do it.Finally, you can work up to exercises such as push-ups or those done with the forearms resting on the edge of the bed. Chair squats - using a firm chair, both as a goal and as a safety support - are another good exercise that also challenges balance. (See Ref. 3)

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