Breast Growth In Adolescents

Breast Growth In Adolescents

Breasts, your mother has them, your grandmother You have them and everywhere you see, you see an adult woman with them. You may have noticed that breasts get a lot of attention in ads, but they have a much more important function than decoration: they allow a woman to feed a baby. During puberty, you can expect your own breasts to develop, but you may have some questions about it, when you will have them, and how normal breasts should look and feel.

The start of growth

A girl's breasts can start to grow as early as 8 years old or as early as 13 years old, says the Nemours Foundation. Still, many girls develop faster than others, which means that if you start developing your breasts soon, you could continue to develop while your friends' breasts have already grown. All the girls begin to develop their breasts in the same way, regardless of when the development began. Their ovaries grow and the female hormone estrogen begins to circulate through their bodies, which eventually forms small raised bumps in the breast known as breasts. At the same time, the dark skin around the nipple begins to grow, says the medical center at Ohio State University.


After the breasts have formed and close to the time the girls begin their first period, the tissue of their breasts eventually increases from the development of the glands and fat. Then the breasts can change shape instead of size, and the nipple and dark area around the breast protrude from the rest of the breast, according to TeenGrowth. com. In the last stage of breast development, usually between 17 and 18, but sometimes in the first 20's, the breasts become rounded until only the nipples protrude.

Shapes and sizes

Once the breasts are fully developed, they do not all look the same. Heredity and weight are important factors that determine the size of an adolescent's breasts. If, for example, your mother has smaller breasts than you and you are thin, you are less likely to have bigger breasts than your more robust friend whose mother has large breasts, according to the Nemours Foundation. Contrary to what some of your friends and TV commercials say, you can not alter the size of your breasts by taking any pill or smearing any cream.


Your breasts may not develop the way you want them to, says PBSKids. org. For example, one can grow faster than the other, even though they are more likely to mate over time, and can become pointy before being round and full. You can also feel weird changes like bumps and sensitivity at different times, but most of the time that's normal, says Talking with a parent or doctor can calm any concerns you may have.


Wearing a bra can help protect your breast tissue, support your breasts with support and soften your silhouette, says the Nemours Foundation. You can buy a variety of bras, including sports bras for when you exercise, rod bras for extra support, soft cup bras for comfort, bras with extra-size padding and brassieres for size reduction, says the Nempurs Foundation. Talk to the clerk of an intimate apparel store in your local department store to make sure you buy a bra that is appropriate for the size of your breasts.

Video Tutorial: Breast Development In Girls.

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