Build A Better Body: 4 Weeks For Stronger Legs

Build A Better Body: 4 Weeks For Stronger Legs

Your legs and the linemen Offensive people have a lot in common. They are not flashy, people rarely talk about them and never receive enough credit even after the important work they do. Even though many people think that the abdominals and pectorals hand-carved, as they say in Argentina, are more imposing than strong legs, do not be fooled: training them can help you improve the appearance of your whole body, burn more fats and improve your cardiovascular health.

A good plan made for the lower train is not only designed around the leg curl (leg curls) or the exercise where you have to raise the heels (calf raises). In fact, it's probably better that you avoid most of the machines altogether. The truth is that you should pay more attention to all the muscles, not just the quadriceps, and you should try to stand on one leg from time to time. Use this guide to train the muscles you usually ignore and you will have a complete book to build a winning body.

Emphasize on your back

Ask a man what he thinks when he imagines a solid set of legs and will probably mention the quadriceps. These powerful pistols in the thighs are probably the most notorious thing when Adrian Peterson rolls over the defenders or when Justin Verlander dominates the hitters. But while the quadriceps placed at the front are important, they tend to focus much more on many training routines of the lower body train. The muscles inside (adductors) and in the back of your legs (hamstrings and glutes) also need attention. It balances the movements that the quadriceps dominate with exercises that also affect the other muscles; This will give you greater benefits, particularly in the prevention of injuries.

Limit isolation

You've probably seen men in the gym putting large plates of weights on a leg extension machine and then growling as they try to straighten them up for the exercise. This is, without a doubt, a waste of time. While movements such as extension or hamstring curls can make you feel like you are really working your legs, they actually limit how quickly you gain strength. Isolation exercises restrict the total number of muscles involved in a movement and also decrease how much weight you can lift at one time, because fewer muscles are available to share that load.

Exercises like deadlifts and squats, which incorporate more muscles and allow you to use heavier weights, lead to more muscle stimulation and faster.This means faster muscle gain and fat loss (all while you spend less time training).

Creation of instability

Curls, presses of arms and, even, squats. What do all these exercises have in common? If you are one of those people who experience in the gym, you are probably standing with your two legs when you do the exercises mentioned. But by altering the movement so that you are standing on one leg, you can make all your muscles work harder.

Skateboarding also helps train your heart, eliminates furtive weaknesses and provides great benefits to your functional strength and stability. After all, in most day-to-day activities (and this does not include sitting at your desk) and in sports, you spend more time standing on one leg, but not on both; For this reason, it is crucial to train in this way. You may have to use lower weights, but do not worry. The benefits you get will be related to a greater resistance and a greater balance that will overcome, by far, the shame that you can feel to lift a smaller weight than usual.


Program The following plan uses two specific leg training sessions per week and has an appropriate balance of exercises that work both the back and the front of them. It also incorporates several works to do on one leg. Do these workouts for four weeks, making sure you rest for at least three or four days between each one.

Martin Rooney

Martin Rooney

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