Calories Burned On Hiking (Hiking) 2 Miles

Calories Burned On Hiking (Hiking) 2 Miles

Hiking or " trekking "is a great way to get involved with wildlife, nature and beautiful views while doing your physical activity. You can find ideal trails for walking in suburban parks with trees, state parks or national forests; trails a mile long or many hundreds of miles. The small ones, like the two-mile ones, offer an opportunity for morning hiking at various levels of difficulty. The amount of calories you burn in a 2-mile hike will depend on the level of intensity you print in the activity through your speed, and the terrain. Other elements that will influence this number are the weight of your body and your backpack.

Speed ​​

A 2-mile walk can be considered relatively short, but the time you will need to carry it out can be between 20 and 120 minutes depending on your average walking speed. For example, some Grand Canyon trails make it necessary to climb a vertical incline and therefore the forward speed is 1 mph, while horizontal and level trails allow you to reach speeds of up to 4 mph. As your walking speed increases, you will also increase the number of calories you will burn for each hour you perform this exercise. If you do your hiking at a speed of 2 mph and weigh 160 pounds, you will burn around 183 calories every hour; but if you increase the speed to 3. 5 mph you will burn 227 calories every hour.


Choosing rugged terrain is one of the ways to increase the number of calories burned during a 2-hour hiking session. For example, a man who weighs 190 pounds and does this exercise on moderate terrain will burn 646 calories per hour, but that number will increase to 776 calories per hour if he walks a steep hill. In the same way, an average woman burns around 665 calories per hour if she hires over abrupt terrain, while only burning 555 calories per hour of hiking on moderate terrain.

Body weight

Your weight is the most important factor to consider when you calculate the number of calories you burn when walking 2 miles. The higher your weight, your body will need to make a greater effort over the two miles and the result will be that it will burn more calories for each hour of exercise. For example, if you carry a backpack and weigh 200 pounds, you will burn around 637 calories every hour. But someone who weighs 240 pounds will burn around 763 calories every hour.

Weight of the equipment or backpack

Most of the two-mile treks do not require a significant volume of extra weight on the equipment, but some technical trails do make it necessary to bring equipment for special hiking or climbing.The result is that you will burn more calories during your walk as you increase the weight of that extra equipment. The highest number of calories burned is achieved when you walk on difficult terrain carrying additional weight. For example, if you are a man, you carry a backpack or equipment that weighs 42 pounds and you walk on rugged terrain you will burn around 776 calories per hour; On the other hand, an average woman in the same conditions will burn around 665 calories every hour.

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