Calories Estimated By Cycling

Calories Estimated By Cycling

Cycling is an activity for all types of climate that does not damage the joints and also helps improve your physical condition. When you exercise on a bicycle, whether cycling outdoors or indoors, the intensity at which you exercise has a major impact on the amount of calories you burn. In addition, the amount of time you spend on your bike and your weight contribute to the calculation of calorie burn.

The Basics

Cycling at a leisurely pace, 10 mph or less, burns 290 calories if you ride a bicycle for an hour and weigh close to 160 pounds. If you weigh about 200 pounds, you burn 363 calories while pedaling at this same rate. Those who weigh about 240 lbs. Left 435 calories when walking at this level.


The intensity that you pedal affects the amount of calories you burn. The more intense the activity, the more calories you use to boost your time on the bike. In an indoor cycling class, in which an instructor guides you through climbs and plains that simulate an outdoor ride, you burn up to 475 calories in just 40 minutes. While you control the intensity of the climbs using tension on the bicycle steering wheel, the training is much more intense than a quiet ride on a bicycle.

Period of time

The longer you are on your bike, the more calories you burn. If you have problems to plan a long trip, divide your workouts into segments to achieve a total that helps you lose weight or maintain your physical condition. For example, to burn the equivalent of riding a bicycle for 60, divide this into four 15-minute trips.


Incorporates cycling as part of a general fitness regime. Because when riding a bicycle you do not support weight, this does not damage your joints. However, to improve or maintain bone integrity you need a weight-bearing activity, such as walking, jogging or strength training. A March 2009 article in "Medical News Today" pointed to a tendency to present early signs of osteoporosis among cyclists, despite having a healthy cardiovascular condition.

Video Tutorial: Measuring Calories Burned During Exercise.

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