Can I Lose Weight By Running Around The Block?

Can I Lose Weight By Running Around The Block?

Running around the standard city block is very similar to running turns in a school track, since both are about a quarter of a mile. So, even if your neighbors may wonder what you're doing, you can literally lose weight by running from your door and around your block.

Walking / Running Intervals

Walking / running intervals from one corner to another will challenge you without having to drive to a track. Start at one corner of the block and walk to the second. Round the corner and start running in the third. Walk from the third to the fourth and then run again until you reach the initial corner. During the sprints, your heart rate increases, so you burn three to four times the calories during the high-intensity run that you burn while walking. Walking breaks are important, as they allow you to rest and cover more general distance.

Fartlek Race

The Fartlek race is a training style that adds fun to your career. In the Fartlek race, you gradually increase your speed while covering a predetermined distance that also burns calories at a high rate and helps you get rid of unwanted weight. In case you run around the block, you would start running with a slow trot on the first side, then you would accelerate a little on the second, a little more on the third side and end the final side sprinting. Take a short break after each Fartlek race round and start again.

Square exercises

Keep your body moving and your high heart rate is key to burning calories. Another training option is to perform square exercises around your block. Start at the first corner and run to the second. Then, make a lateral run to the third corner while carrying the guide with your right foot. Run from the third to the fourth corner and finish the square running sideways to the starting point, this time taking the guide with your left foot. Rest between repetitions of exercise to stay strong throughout the exercise.

Sprint Laps

A quarter-mile sprint will burn calories three or four times the normal pace. So if you do a sprint in one lap, then walk the next lap to recover and repeat many times, the burning of high intensity calories that you will get will help you get rid of excess weight. This is similar to walking / running, but since your effort is higher for longer periods of time, your body will respond according to a higher calorie burning potential.

Slow and non-stop

On days when you're more in the mood for a slow and steady race, you can also do regular laps around your block.Although you will not burn calories at such a high rate when you run more slowly, you will continue to burn, and as you try harder, you are likely to run farther during your training.

Planning a running time

For effective weight management and other physical benefits, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend running or performing other vigorous aerobic activities at least 75 minutes per week, which equates to five sessions of 15 minutes each. This will provide enough exercise to burn significant calories (and the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you eat).

Video Tutorial: Quest For A Healthy Weight #1: Running Around The Block!.

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