Can Whole Eggs Be Replaced By Egg Whites When Cooking A Cake?

Can Whole Eggs Be Replaced By Egg Whites When Cooking A Cake?

In an ideal world, sweets would have no effect on health. You would be able to eat everything you wanted, whenever you wanted it, and you would never gain weight or worry about your heart. Unfortunately, you do not live in a perfect world, and that means sometimes having to modify your favorite recipes to reduce fat, or follow other dietary restrictions. Fortunately, you can bake good cakes with only egg whites instead of whole eggs.

Balances the recipe

For the most common bakers, the cakes are quite simple. You add the ingredients in the mixer according to the instructions of your favorite recipe, you bake it in a normal oven and it usually goes well. However, this direct approach is not an option for people with special dietary needs or restrictions, or for professional pastry chefs looking to refine their recipes to achieve a specific end result. Before you can begin to change the ingredients, it is useful to know how they interact with each other, so that you can compensate for the desired changes. The professionals refer to this as "balancing" the changed recipe.

The role of eggs

Eggs are a particularly difficult ingredient to experiment with, as they affect a cake in many ways. The egg white proteins help establish and maintain the shape of the cake. In fact, egg whites provide the entire structure of flour-free cakes that are so fashionable in this new decade. The egg yolks contain a certain degree of fat, which helps soften the texture of a cake. They also contain lecithin and other natural emulsifiers, which help the fat in the recipe and the milk mix smoothly. The yolks strengthen the flavor and give a soft golden tone to the finished cake.

Use egg whites

Some pastry chefs have to modify their recipes to work with egg whites instead of whole eggs, for dietary reasons. This is an easier adjustment than the removal of the eggs completely, because the egg whites can still provide structure and rigidity to the cake. Sometimes, depending on the recipe, you may be able to simply substitute extra egg whites for the volume of missing yolks. You must make a test cake, using only the egg whites, to observe the effect on your recipe. If the cake is moist, but hard, or if it is dry, you can compensate with other ingredients.

Possible modifications

If the test cake came out hard but moist, it has enough fat content. Your problem is that without the yolks, it is necessary to add another ingredient that softens the gluten proteins in the flour.Try increasing the sugar, or add a tablespoon of vegetable oil instead of the yolks. If the cake came out dry, the vegetable oil also provides moisture to the dough. You can also add low-fat yogurt or sour cream instead of the egg yolks, which will give you a softer, more moist cake.

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