Can You Go Under The Net In The Indoor Volleyball?

Can You Go Under The Net In The Indoor Volleyball?

Despite all the point of volleyball is to get the ball to pass over the top of the network to the opposite field, there are times when a player may need to go under the net to save a point. The International Volleyball Federation has very specific rules about going under the net. If you are used to the rules of beach volleyball, there are some important differences between the two sports.

Penetration below the network

The short answer to whether you can go below the net in the classroom volleyball is yes, but there are considerations. For example, it is possible to penetrate your opponent's space as long as it does not interfere with the game. This means that you can not make contact with an opponent or get in the way of an opponent who is getting into a defensive play.

Only hands and feet

The International Volleyball Federation allows a player to reach below the net with his hands and feet only. Any other part of the body is prohibited. In addition, a part of the hand or foot should be in contact with the center line or be directly above it.

Penalties for crossing the net

If a player of the serving team passes below the net it is a violation of the rules and his team loses the serve. If a player on the receiving team commits a violation below the net, his team loses the point. A player may enter the area after the ball is out of the game. However, all players must be completely on their own side of the center line to start each point.

Differences with Beach Volleyball

Now that you understand the rules for going under the net in indoor volleyball remember that the beach follows slightly the same rules. For example, in beach volleyball a player can go completely under the net on the opponent's side and hit the ball under the net, as long as his team still has enough contacts to play for the point. But as in indoor volleyball, a player can not interfere with the players of the opposing team if he passes below the net.

Video Tutorial: Penetration Under the Net.

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