Christian Taylor, Triple Olympic Jumper: My Most Difficult Training

Christian Taylor, Triple Olympic Jumper: My Most Difficult Training

A Although he is also a first class competitor in the long jump and in relay in the 400 meters, Christian Taylor reduced his goals: Now he wants to beat the world record in the triple jump.

"The coach says it's better to excel in one than to be average in many," he says.

And that's because the native of Fayatteville, Georgia has done it. Taylor's personal best record, 17.96, made him the gold winner at the World Championship in South Korea in 2011. Finally, he is looking to break the world record set by Jonathan Edwards of 18. 29 in 1995.

He expects the crowds at the Olympics to help him accelerate.

"That is my fuel, my source of energy," he explains. "I am a great believer in feeding the energy of the people around you."

What is the other thing that will help you fly? A 2-minute exercise that he likes to do with Will Claye, a former teammate of Taylor from the University of Florida, who will also be representing the United States in London.

The exercise is a series of jumps that test consistency, endurance and mental tenacity. The goal is to give the same brand as many times as you can. "It really is an intense workout," says Taylor. "After the first minute, when you really realize, you're just exhausted."

That's the kind of power to which he is accustomed to propel himself to the top.

"I would never consider myself a competitor or an athlete if I was not trying to be the best," he says. "I feel like I'm flying and I get so excited that I want to go down and see where I am."

Your training The exercise is simple but exhausting. Taylor repeats a triple jump as many times as he can in two minutes. As soon as he hits the sand, he runs back to the starting mark and repeats, trying to hit the same mark each time. Make two series (with an intermediate break of 20 minutes, simply because it is very hard). In two minutes, it estimates that it gives around 20 jumps.

The jumping exercise is part of a regime that includes a lot of technical work, sprinting and jumping. His warm up lasts about 45 minutes (small bounces, accelerations, sprints of 60 to 75 meters [65 to 82 yards]). Then he goes to the track to do light exercises, long jumps, alternating rebounds, small things to wake up the muscles of fast contraction. That's when it starts with the different jumping exercises, like the one above. But it also adds medicinal ball exercises, as well as weight work.

Do it yourself

To work on your jumping power, try to jump and train running at full speed for the mortals.After a 15-minute dynamic warm-up running with lightning strokes and squats, go to a track and make a racing pyramid: 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 200 m, 100 m. Then, run lightly for about 10 minutes. It ends with a series of jumps: 5 jumps in length, 5 vertical jumps and 5 jumps on one leg on each side. If you feel good, run the circuit twice.

Video Tutorial: Jonathan Edward Vs Christian Taylor -Triple Jump secrets.

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