Comment On Nike + Kinect: Karen Jashinsky

Comment On Nike + Kinect: Karen Jashinsky

I'll be honest, the last videogame I played was the Pac Man. I really can not compare the Nike + Kinect Training for Xbox 360 with Assassin's Creed or Mario Kart. But my job is to shape people, so from the point of view of a fitness professional, I will say that Nike + Kinect Training is a fun way to get an exercise routine, a sweaty routine and that will put your heart to work. And in addition, indeed, I learned some new things!

The beginning involves goal setting and introduces you to the animated versions of Nike coaches Alex Molden and Marie Pervis. Soon after comes a physical evaluation that measures your physical and athletic status. As my goal was to tone, Marie assigned me a series of exercises that work with the weight of one's body. Deep squats measure your range of motion, while the fence steps show how balanced your legs are. It was the first of many instances in which I was surprised by the sensitivity of the movement! I never knew that my left leg was stronger than my right, especially since I'm not left-handed. I also had no idea how high my vertical jump was until Nike + measured it for me.

I dictate a class for people who aspire to be personal trainer, so I took the Nike + Kinect Training so that we all played. The exercises were a Cross Fit style routine that included squats on one leg, squats with jumping and jogging with knees up. My class and I are in good shape, but this exercise shook us and made us sweat. I'm not a fan of games, but I remember claims that previous fitness games did not provide the same level of intensity as the gym. That is not the case here. For this type of exercise, the Nike + Kinect Training provides all the sweat of a gym class.

As a training tool, Nike + Kinect Training is as demanding as a coach, because he insists that any time is enough to train. It offers five-minute exercises and also exercises more lรกrgos, which are perfect for someone who has little time. I felt the heat of those 45 seconds with knees raised!

Even so, I think training needs to have fun elements. My class and I were eager to try the Dodge Ball training. We all have fun. It raised our heart rate and gave us a renewed love for the dodge ball.

The presence of virtual trainers is a great detail. They will correct your form and bring up previous sessions to signal your progress. It's like having a charismatic DVD trainer, but one that you can effectively talk to. They also keep track of all your exercises, which allows you to know exactly how your athletic state is progressing.

- by Karen Jashinsky

Notice: Reviewers received a complimentary Xbox 360 4GM console with Kinect and a copy of Nike + Kinect Training.

Video Tutorial: Nike + Kinect Training Demo.

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