Consequences Of Floods

Consequences Of Floods

According to an Oracle ThinkQuest report, the Floods represent an estimated 40% of all natural disasters. Floods can cause mass destruction and have environmental and social impacts that can persist long after they have receded. Floods are often sudden and difficult to predict, they may only last a short time, but their consequences are devastating.


Undoubtedly, communities that suffer the effects of floods require large sums of money to rebuild infrastructure. All these costs add up, and the destruction also means a loss of income for the companies, which ultimately ends up being a considerable cost for the community. Floods can also have global economic effects, if the country affected by the floods has had a large amount of their damaged products, then there will be less supply available and, therefore, prices will increase, not only for their citizens, but for the nations to which it exports, who depend on those resources.


Floods can cause damage to agricultural land, damaging crops and food supplies. A prolonged saturation of the soil can hinder the production of crops, which require a high concentration of oxygen to survive. If they immerse themselves in water, they can not carry out the functions they need to grow. Floods can also spread pollution, since flood waters cause pollutants to be washed and spread to other parts of the environment. They can also displace animals such as rodents and snakes, leading to potentially dangerous conditions for both humans and animals.


Flood disasters pose a risk to public health. Water sources can be contaminated with toxic materials that increase the risk of transmission of fecal-oral diseases. In addition, waterborne pathogens are another threat to those who have to constantly walk through the deep waters caused by the flood. Unhealthy and overcrowded conditions in relief shelters often also lead to an increased risk of disease.


The effects of floods on the peoples of the earth are many. People can suffer injuries due to things such as downed trees, power lines and other debris. Even a minor injury, such as a cut in the leg can be fatal if it is infected and there is limited access to hospitals. Floods destroy homes and lead people to be displaced or to become homeless.The relief shelters are full and can not accommodate everyone. In addition to physical factors, flood victims may also suffer from mental disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, and this will have an impact on their ability to move on with their lives.

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