Corset Exercises

Corset Exercises

When you hear the word corset, your mind can imagine a Rigid underwear, tied to reduce the waist in a very uncomfortable way. The good news is that corset training does not require the use of one of these torture devices. Your abdominal muscles form a natural one to hold your intestines, stomach and other organs in place. During periods of weight gain and inactivity, your muscles weaken and stretch. These exercises help you strengthen them again for optimal performance.

Standing up

Standing uplifts involve your main abdominal muscles making them stay stable and helping to stretch them. With your back on the ground and a small space between the arch of your back and the flat surface, bend your knees and hips up. Inhale, lifting your right foot off the floor only a few inches and holding this position for a count of five. Make sure you do not move the rest of your body, only your legs. Return to the starting position as you exhale and alternate with your left leg. Do eight to 10 repetitions for two to three series each.

Straight Exercise

When your abdominal muscles are stretched, the separation of your rectus muscle, located in the center of your abdomen, may occur. To remedy the gap and place your muscles in their proper location, lie on your back with your knees bent. Place your hands on your abdomen and stop over your belly button to stabilize yourself. Inhale deeply and begin to lift your head off the floor, keeping your shoulders firmly supported and exhale. Push your muscles together with your hands or a towel wrapped around your abdomen while you elevate. Keep for five counts and then return to the starting position. Perform these exercises three times a day, doing 10 repetitions each time.

Torso rotation

Torso rotation exercises require you to be in a standing or supine position, turning and flexing the torso muscles with each fluid movement. To begin, stand or lie on the floor with your feet at the distance of your shoulders. When you lie down, support your head and neck by interlacing your fingers behind your head. Inhale and slowly turn your waist as you stretch your navel and tense your abdominal muscles. Do not move too fast or you risk having a stretch of the muscles. Exhale while you return to the starting position, slowly. When you are lying down, your head will rise from the ground as you turn, returning to the ground with the return. Do ten repetitions of two to three series.

Hip flex

Hip flexion works on the same points as the foot lift, involving a larger area of ​​muscle mass.Lying on your back, lift your knees up and keep your feet flat on the floor. Inhale as you center and stabilize the muscles of your torso, then exhale slowly once you are on the ground. Inhale and slowly lift your right knee to your chest. Do not take it too far. Hold the position at the count of five and slowly return to the starting position while exhaling. Alternate with your left leg, remembering to inhale and exhale while moving. Repeat for 10 repetitions per leg.

Video Tutorial: Corset Workout (TIGHTEN AND SHRINK YOUR WAIST!!).

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