Do Fixed Bicycle Lose Your Thighs?

Do Fixed Bicycle Lose Your Thighs?

Stationary cycling can be an effective exercise option to meet your goals. Participants perform an intense bicycle routine coordinated with music. The fixed bicycle can be an option to burn many calories and at the same time, tone and sculpt your body. However, different variables influence the response of your thighs to this exercise, cycling does not guarantee everyone that their thighs will lose weight.


Genetics is the main factor in the size of your thighs. If you have a muscular body by nature or that responds quickly to exercise, your thighs may even get bigger because the growth is stimulated. The other option is that if you have a lot of fat around your thighs, they can decrease in size, even if your muscles grow, because you are burning fat.

Video Tutorial: How To Lose Weight Through Cycling.

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