Do You Need The P90X Pull-Ups?

Do You Need The P90X Pull-Ups?

P90X back training has a strong emphasis on pullups. When you receive the DVD game, you will notice information about supplementary equipment. It is recommended that you use the P90X pull-up bar for a variety of different back exercises. The bar will add approximately $ 60 to the total cost of the program. However, there are alternatives that you can use to avoid having to buy it.

Alternative chin-up bars

The chin-up bar suggested by P90X is a high-quality product. It will be installed on most door frames without being permanent and will not cause damage. However, there are alternative bars that can be purchased much cheaper. These may not offer the variety of grip positions, but they can be effective. The Perfect Pull-Up and the Iron gym are very similar and can provide the same training for a fraction of the cost of the P90X bar. The basic Iron Gym bar can be purchased for as little as $ 30.

Resistance bands

As an alternative, P90X also suggests resistance bands. Beachbody. com sells a game for approximately $ 40. You can get similar results and save some money in the process. There are even bands offered by other companies that can be cheaper. Keep in mind, the bands will provide a different type of training because the resistance becomes progressively more difficult as the bands stretch. In a dominated, the weight of your body is constant. To use the bands you need to have something secure where you can hang the band and be high on a wall or ceiling. This can be a problem, depending on which room in your house you plan to train.

Skip the chin portions of the routine

P90X is based on a circuit workout and not all back exercises are mastered. If you have bands or weights you can complete the back exercises based on the floor, jump the dominated and still get a decent workout. It's a good idea to advance the chin-up parts if you choose to jump so you can keep your speed and heart rate up. This can be a very good way to start the routine initially and as you progress you can buy the bar for dominated later if you choose.

Build your own pull-up bar

If you're skillful with your hands, you can make your own pull-up bar by simply using a thick tube and two pipe supports to mount the bar in a door frame. Mount the bar as high as you can so that it does not get in the way, and if there is space, mount it in front of the top of the door so that the door can be closed. Use a heavy-gauge bracket and a quality fastener, preferably load bolts, that are long enough to be inserted into the studs of the door frame.Make sure you test it thoroughly to make sure that what you made supports your body weight and does not cause any damage to the door frame.

Video Tutorial: P90x Help For Those Who Struggle With Pull Ups.

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