Examples Of Daily Menus For Diabetics

Examples Of Daily Menus For Diabetics

The quality of the food eaten in a plan Balanced nutrition is the key to healthy success for people with diabetes. However, diabetic menus do not have to be boring. With just a little foresight, daily menus for diabetics can be attractive, enjoyable and healthy. The goal of each menu suggestion for diabetics is to select foods that help maintain and stabilize blood sugar. Many menu options for diabetics encourage a healthy diet beneficial for those who are diabetic and for those who are not.

Examples of breakfasts

Begin breakfast with healthy foods that provide you with energy. The protein in boiled eggs is healthy, even for those who just want to consume their clear. Add a slice of grain bread to serve with the eggs and a piece of melon. Another idea for breakfast is to make oatmeal more tempting by adding fiber and flavor by adding seeds of flax, apple, cinnamon and a spoonful of nuts. With the oatmeal, enjoy a cup of herbal tea and some fat-free yogurt. Breakfast can be fun, especially when you create a quick frittata made with vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, celery, onion or zucchini. Add a slice of fresh pineapple to help digest the egg protein in the frittata. Whole grains are an important part of diabetic menu planning. Whole-grain breads, buns or rolls are a quick way to make a breakfast. Add natural peanut butter and sugar-free fruit jam to any whole-grain bread and combine it with a delicious, nutritious fruit smoothie.

Examples of Lunches

The "Eating Well Diabetes Cookbook" states that the ideal portions of a diabetic menu consist of a 1/4 serving of whole grains, 1/4 serving. of lean protein and 1/2 portion of vegetables. Some ideas that follow this formula are spinach salad with pine nuts and goat cheese, tangerines and lentil soup. Add extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar to the spinach salad for a simple home-made dressing. Another idea is to make wraps of lettuce stuffed with carrot shavings, cucumber slices and spiced pork. Add a green salad with a little mango and fat-free yogurt. For a southwestern-style lunch, try a black bean burrito with red and green roasted peppers, onion and fresh cilantro. Make southwest corn and sauté zucchini on a plate by adding southwest spices, such as chili powder. For dessert, refresh your palate with fresh strawberries. Another example of a nutritious lunch is Middle Eastern style chicken skewers with a variety of vegetables and served with tabbouleh and a slice of fresh orange.

Dinner examples

MayoClinic. com promotes many recipes for diabetics. Some of their suggestions include barbecue chicken pizza. Cook your own chicken pizza, start with a good quality crust and add many vegetables to cover the pizza, such as fresh tomatoes, onions or even lettuce. The pizza combines well with cole slaw and a refreshing glass of iced tea. When using lean meats for dinner menus, combine the dishes with plenty of vegetables. For example, make a stew of meat that contains 75 percent vegetables and 25 percent beef. For a beef stew dinner, add fresh green steamed beans. Another example for dinner is the risotto, which will make a good meal, especially if you add barley and roasted tomatoes. Instead of the old burgers for grilled dinners, make black bean burgers with lots of fresh vegetable ingredients that you prefer. Add chipotle tomato sauce to give it an extra flavor and accompany it with sautéed mushrooms. For dinner, consider a casserole of broccoli, chicken and cheddar cheese with carrot and raisin salad. Fish and seafood are also excellent options because they are quick and easy to prepare. Shrimp kebabs is a delight on the grill, and it even cooks fast in the oven. Accompany the shrimp with rice and broccoli topped with sesame seeds. Other healthy fish dishes are halibut and salmon. Fresh steamed vegetables combine with any fish option. Add a green salad with vinaigrette to create a perfect diabetic dinner menu.

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