Exercise To Reduce Abdomen At Home

Exercise To Reduce Abdomen At Home

Having a flat abdomen requires commitment to a regimen of structured exercise and a clean diet. However, you do not need to spend hours enslaved in the gym to get a flat stomach. It is better to do exercises to reduce the stomach in the convenience and comfort of your home. Make an exercise plan five times a week to lose abdominal fat with a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training to get better results.

Exercise your cardiovascular system five times a week to lose abdominal fat. Cardio exercise speeds up your metabolism and burns more calories to lose weight. National Health Services (or NHS) recommends doing at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week to lose weight. Try an aerobics video at home that includes jumping, kickboxing or activities in which you should use your legs to increase your heart rate and sweat. You can also try to jump at home, walk around your community or go cycling.

Train your trunk including your abs and back three or four times a week with a rest day between sessions. The exercises of the trunk will harden the muscles of your belly to tone them and make them thinner. Creating a program in which you can move from one exercise to another with small breaks will also help you burn calories. Choose about five or six exercises such as reverse crunches, front planks, V-squats, leg raises, and bicycle crunches. And do them followed with about 15 repetitions for each one. Rest before repeating the circuit for the second time.

Strengthen the upper and lower parts of your body at home using dumbbells two or three times a week. Strength training increases the body's muscle mass; and because muscle has a higher metabolic rate than fat, you can burn more fat to lose weight and mark your abdomen. Train the large muscle groups of your body, including the chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs and buttocks. Choose two or three exercises for each part of the body and complete about three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions or until you get tired. A routine example can include bicep curls, triceps dips, shoulder presses, and glute work on a mat where you can do calf raises and squats.


Eat a nutritious diet that is low in calories and high in nutrients to lose abdominal fat. Concentrate on vegetables, fruits, clean proteins and healthy fats to have a balanced diet.


Consult a professional doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.

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