Exercises For The Obliques And Waist Of Women

Exercises For The Obliques And Waist Of Women

Decrease the size of your waist does not have to be an impossible task. The loss of your love handles can be done following a training routine that focuses on cardiovascular training and strengthening your middle section. Excess weight in the stomach is not only unattractive but can also be a danger to your health.

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular training is crucial for fat loss, especially around the abdomen. The more calories you burn with aerobic training, you melt more fat throughout your body, including the obliques. Choose an aerobic activity that focuses on this. Activities such as running, swimming and kickboxing require that you keep your abdominals engaged during training, helping to build a leaner center. Train aerobically five days a week to have a thinner waist.

Yoga movements

Yoga is an exercise for the body that can be done at any time and anywhere. Many yoga poses focus on the obliques. The side table, often in many yoga routines, focuses on lifting the hips to work the obliques. Adopt the pose of a side board from a board position, then transfer the weight to your right arm and place your hips to the right so that you are keeping your weight on the right leg and the right arm with the hip lifted. Julie Gudmestad of the "Yoga Journal", explains that the position of the triangle, the crescent moon and the torsion also focus on the obliques.

Pilates method for toning

The Pilates method also works to reduce the waist. The American Council on Exercise explains that movements of the Pilates method develop the muscles of the base using abdominal control. These exercises like the saw and the crosses are oriented in your obliques. Complete the saw from a sitting position and extend your legs a little wider than your hips. Extend the arms to the sides and breathe to turn the body to the left, touching the right arm with your left toe. Alternate between both sides and complete eight repetitions on each side. For the criss-cross lie on your back with your legs to the sky. Keep your legs straight while lowering your right leg to the ground. Go back to the center and then lower the left leg, alternating for 30 seconds.

Abdominal work

The movements of your legs as if you were riding bicycles work to tone your waist. Lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Bring your knees to your chest and inhale while lifting the head and shoulders of the mat.Extend the right leg above the ground and bring your right elbow to the left knee. Then touch your left elbow with the right knee. Altérnalos, completing 25 repetitions of each side.

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