Exercises To Lose Weight Inside The Thigh

Exercises To Lose Weight Inside The Thigh

The muscles of the inner part The thighs are generally categorized as adductors because they are responsible for reducing the hip, which means that you squeeze your legs towards the central part and through your body. There are exercises that you can do to strengthen and tone these adductors taking into account where you do exercises. To thin your thighs you should incorporate cardiovascular exercises. Before each exercise for your thighs, performs a dynamic warm-up of five to 15 minutes.

Exercise the inner part of your thighs on a mat

Reducing your hips requires only exercise on a mat or soft surface. Lean on your side so that your legs are one on top of the other. Slide the lower leg forward so it is not under the top leg. While keeping your knees straight and your torso and hip still, lift the leg below the floor. Lower it to the mat and do the same until you finish the set. Complete two sets of 15 repetitions of each leg.

Uses a machine to sit

Most gym equipment has a machine to reduce hips. Sit on the seat and place each leg on the leg rests so that the pad is between the inside of your thighs. You will start with your legs separated. Join both legs until the units make contact in the center and then control them to return to their initial position. To avoid straining your muscles avoid moving your legs quickly and perform the exercise with a steady rhythm.

Exercises with rope for the inner part of the thighs

You can exercise the inner part of your thighs with a pulley or exercise band. If you use a pulley, place it in the low position and secure the cable on one of your ankles. If you use a band, attach it to the bottom of a fixed object, like the leg of a piece of furniture, and hold the other end to one of your ankles. Position your body so that you are on the side of where the cable or the band is fastened and your ankle is tied as close as possible. Put all your weight on your free leg and lift your bound leg towards the front of your body while keeping your knees straight. Place it back in the starting position and then repeat the movement until you finish with the set. If you suffer from balance problems, lean on a chair or other fixed object while doing the exercises. Make two sets of 15 repetitions.

Deep side thrust exercise

A more advanced way to exercise your hip adductors is the exercise of deep side thrusts. Stand with your legs spread wide at your hip and then step sideways with one foot. Bend the knee of the same leg and push your hip down to make an onslaught until your thigh is parallel with the ground and then return to the starting position.In the next repetition, change legs. Increase the intensity a little and add a pair of dumbbells or place a dumbbell on the back of your shoulders. To reduce the pressure on your knees, keep your knees from moving out of the vertical line of your feet while you make the onslaught. Complete two sets of 10 or 12 repetitions

Conversions to lose weight

The exercises for the internal muscles of the thighs will help you in an effective way to tone and fortify your muscles. However, if you have a lot of fat in your thighs, you will notice better results if you incorporate constant cardiovascular exercises. Strength exercises will not make an impact on the fat problem, that's why you have to lose weight through burning as many calories each day. Make your goal to do three to four 30-minute exercises each day.

Video Tutorial: Thigh Exercises For Losing Fat.

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