Exercises You'Ve Never Tried

Exercises You'Ve Never Tried

If going to the gym already causes you more boredom than anything else, going nowhere on the elliptical machine or the treadmill, a change in your exercise routine may be necessary. After all, even the most enthusiastic gyms can get caught up in a boring routine if things do not change from time to time.

But there's no reason to stop exercising just because you can not handle another soporific session of squats, push-ups and push-ups. There are a lot of training methods and fitness programs to form and tone muscles that give a new spark to your training. On the other hand, if you have never had much enthusiasm for exercise, you may have a change of attitude if you try one of these different methods of exercising.

I tell people: "If you end up sweaty and have a good time, then the objective has been fulfilled, there are no dance judges in class."

Lawanda Brokenborough, owner of Aerobics Delivered, Atlanta


This device, which consists of adjustable straps with handles, uses your own body weight to get you in shape. It was created by a US marine. UU I wanted a way to stay in shape while staying in remote areas without available gyms. As a result, this system weighs only 2 pounds, which allows you to take it with you and use it anywhere you go, even when you're traveling or on vacation.

You can connect the TRX suspension trainer to any fixed object, such as a closed door, and do more than 300 different leverage body exercises. Exercise not only helps tone muscles, it also improves balance and flexibility.

Also, it's very easy to use, says Jonathan Acosta, owner of the Get Sexy San Antonio training camps. He explains that you decide how much weight of your body you take advantage of in the straps. This will depend on your physical condition, since it is the lever that determines the intensity of the training. The more leverage, the more powerful the training will be.

However, for Acosta, perhaps the greatest attraction of the TRX is its ability to strengthen the muscles closest to the spine.

"The basic work (in the TRX) is 10 times better than anything else that I can think of now," he said.

Because many of the exercises are done while you are suspended, with one or two of your four limbs on the floor, you are forced to use those muscles continuously to maintain control and stability. This improves your range of motion, strength, flexibility, balance and physical condition in general.


Zumba's motto is "Forget about the workout, join the party."Since 2001, when its founders created Zumba Fitness LLC, millions of people have done the same, eliminating their calories dancing Latin rhythms, such as salsa, merengue, mambo and cha-cha. Zumba is meant to be something different and eliminate the tedium of going to the gym.

Lawanda Brokenborough, owner of Aerobics Delivered in Atlanta, confirms the above. She says the biggest attraction of Zumba is that it just does not feel like a workout.

"It feels like a dance party," he said.

The Zumba program also allows freedom and originality to instructors and class participants. To the instructors, Zumba Fitness encourages them to use a little of their own favorite songs in class. This music can be anything from hip-hop to belly dance music, says Brokenborough.

For the participants, the company encourages a policy of not worrying. So do not worry if your hand-leg coordination is not as good as that of a contestant in a televised dance contest. Zumba classes are aimed at all levels of dance ability.

"I tell people: 'If you end up sweaty and have had a good time, then the objective has been met, there are no dance judges in the class'".

You can even take the party to the pool. Aqua Zumba is another type of class that Zumba Fitness has designed. These classes provide a workout in the water, which deals with cardiovascular exercise and muscle toning.

Pole dancing

Put aside all the prejudices you may have about pole dancing (pole dance). Those who have dedicated themselves to pole dancing will tell you that it is a difficult sport that offers a full-body workout.

"It's a very intense physical activity," said Lian Tal, co-owner of Body & Pole in New York. "It's not just good for your upper body and back. You work on every muscle in your body. "

While pole dancing may have the stigma of being associated with exotic dancers, female coaches such as Tal and those with the American Pole Fitness Association are working to increase awareness of pole fitness and change people's perception of he. These classes are not just for women with little clothes that seek to entertain spectators, they are for very athletic people who are looking for a challenging exercise.

Consider pole dancing as a personal stretching assistant. For example, shoulder stretch is good for keeping your chest and shoulders open and loose, says Susan Peach, creator of Pole Fitness Series DVDs. Also, you can strengthen your upper body and back muscles by making ascents in the post, which consists basically of hitting the post and pulling your body off the ground to then raise your knees.

Tal says that sometimes all it takes is a visit to a pole fitness class to better understand that the concept requires work and effort to complete exercise routines on the pole.

"It's amazing to see that people come and change their perception of this," he said, adding that participants will sweat and burn calories. Since everyone in the class is participating and working to complete their routines, there is no room for bystanders.

Tal says that pole fitness classes will not only give you a good workout, but also give you more confidence.

Tal's partner and co-owner of the business, Kyra Johannesen, helped develop a training program for those who wish to teach pole fitness. The X-Pert Pole Fitness certification has obtained the accreditation of the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America and the American Council on Exercise.

Running barefoot

If running has become too painful, especially for your feet, get rid of your shoes and try to run barefoot.

It can be more than a liberating experience. Some people, like Tamara Gerken of Atlanta, argue that it could also be better for the feet. However, they recognize that there is no scientific evidence that running barefoot is good or bad for you.

Gerken, president of the Barefoot Runners Society and editor of "The Barefoot Running Book: A Practical Guide to the Art and Science of Barefoot and Minimalist Shoe Running," says she would not be able to run long distances if she were not barefoot, due to Morton's neuroma, a painful condition in the metatarsal area. She says that the shoes compressed her inflamed nerves and did not allow her toes to extend naturally.

Barefoot runners also tend to step on the ground with the middle or front of their foot, instead of using their heels, says Gerken. Although the Barefoot Running Society says barefoot running can alleviate impact-related injuries, there is no published concrete evidence to support such a position.

Still, Gerken encourages all those who want to try it to run barefoot.

"If you've already got bored of running, this will revive your interest," he says. "It's liberating and different."

The growing popularity of running barefoot has even spawned a new market for minimalist footwear. Several companies are making simplified sneakers.

However, Gerken emphasizes that he is not against shoes, saying that "shoes have a place", although she prefers not to wear minimalist shoes and run barefoot whenever possible.

Of course, when the ground is frozen or warmed by the summer sun, it says that some runners might consider using minimalist shoes to protect themselves.

Dance with fire

Stay motivated

So you signed up for your new fitness program. Everything is exciting. Now the challenge is to be constant.

"The key to being consistent is to set small goals along the way," said Kathy Stevens, board member of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, the world's largest fitness educator."This could include tracking body fat or the size of your pants, and they could also be based on performance, such as how many push-ups or squats you can perform in one minute."

Stevens says goal setting is key to staying enthusiastic about the exercise, as it reinforces your participation through positive results.

She also recommends partnering with someone and setting common goals.

"Usually, a person is less likely to miss a workout if they know someone is waiting for them there," Stevens said.

She says that people can keep things interesting by going through their workouts. For example, he says that instead of taking three Zumba classes a week, try taking one of Zumba, one of TRX and then running on the beach another day.

"Everything gets boring if you do it too often." Muscles also need cross-stimulation to increase overall results and reduce stress-related injuries, "he said.

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