How Many Calories Are Burned During Sex?

How Many Calories Are Burned During Sex?

If a 150-pound person has sex for 15 minutes, will burn approximately 72 calories, according to HealthStatus. com. The fact that you lose calories during the sexual act will depend on your weight, the time you have sex and the vigor with which you move.


According to "Fitness Magazine", certain sexual positions can work the muscle groups and replace the exercise of a gym. According to the magazine, you can work your abs, glutes, quadriceps, biceps, triceps, hamstrings and twins.

Time frame

According to the University of Arizona, research has not determined with certainty how long sex lasts. A normal time could be anywhere from two minutes and one hour. If a 150-pound person has sex for five minutes, he will burn 24 calories. If the same person has sex for 45 minutes, he will burn 216 calories.

Previous Games

Previous games burn fewer calories. A 150-pound person burns 25 calories in 15 minutes of previous play. Stretch the previous games to burn more calories. The same person burns 216 calories in 45 minutes of previous play.

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