How Many Minutes For Abdominal Exercises

How Many Minutes For Abdominal Exercises

Ab Workouts are a crucial part in any exercise routine. Strong abs can stabilize your body to help prevent musculoskeletal problems. And a slim physique with sit-ups is aesthetically pleasing. However, your abdominal training should be structured carefully and should involve many things considering the amount of time spent on it every day.


The goal of abdominal exercises is to get a flat stomach. To do this, keep in mind that your abdominal muscles are similar to other muscle groups and should be exercised with consequence. Exercise is merely a stimulus and the muscles react to the stimulus once they recover after a period of rest. Do not do abdominal exercises every day, with three times a week is fine.

Strength training

Strength training with free weights, resistance equipment or bodyweight exercises contributes to abdominal exercise sessions. When doing compound movements like the bench press, squats and leg presses, or bodyweight exercises, such as lowered bars, pull-ups, or abdominal muscles you can stabilize your body. The abdominal muscles also stabilize the body with isolation movements such as barbell curls and triceps. Do a strength training routine three times a week, 45 minutes per session, for an intense abdominal workout.

Abdominal exercises

Do abdominal exercises after your strength training routine. These could include exercises such as sit-ups, reverse sit-ups, leg raises and dumbbells for the obliques. Make two or three sets per maximum exercise. Make sets to increase the intensity. For example do a series of crunches, followed immediately by a series of crunches. Your abdominal exercise should not exceed 15 minutes or maybe 10 minutes or less if you do them together.


Cardiovascular exercise should be an integral part of your abdominal exercise program. The cardio will help reduce your overall levels of body fat and abdominal fat to improve the visibility of the underlying abdominal muscles. This will give you abs. Do high intensity interval training twice a week. For example, run for five minutes to warm up. Start with a 60-second sprint and then jog or briskly walk for 90 seconds. Repeat the sequence four times for an intense cardio session; You will quickly burn the fat in your stomach.

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