How Often Should I Use The Rowing Machine?

How Often Should I Use The Rowing Machine?

The rowing machine usually plays a secondary role against the most popular treadmills and coaches ellipticals in the gym, but this effective cardio machine can help you burn up to 316 calories in 30 minutes of strenuous exercise if you weigh 155 pounds. The frequency with which you use the rowing machine depends on your particular fitness goals. Beginners seeking to increase their general cardiovascular fitness should start with only 15 minutes a day, two or three times a week, while competitive paddlers could use this machine almost daily to perfect their technique.

Row, row, row your training

In theory, you could use the rowing machine for each of your cardio exercises, but if your goal is general physical fitness, you will benefit from varying your training regularly. Performing a repetitive movement on the rowing machine can lead to back strain and knee pain, especially if you are out of shape.

Combine two or three rowing exercises per week with jogging, cycling or physical fitness classes, for example. Someone looking to improve their health with exercise will do cardio for 150 to 300 minutes, or more, per week. To lose weight, you will need to spend 250 minutes or more. And, if you love rowing, you can spend most of that time on the rowing machine as long as you do not experience pain.

How the professionals roam

A competitive paddler uses the rowing machine to increase outdoor training and strengthen training throughout the year. In the autumn, these athletes could use the paddler for long sessions with little resistance, while in the spring, closer to the competition, the emphasis is on shorter training at a higher intensity. To prevent injuries, increase the time you use the rowing machine gradually. Most injuries related to rowing happen to be done too quickly.

Video Tutorial: How Often You Need to Row to Consistently Get Better.

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