How To Apply The Oil Of Sea Buckthorn Fruit Directly On The Skin

How To Apply The Oil Of Sea Buckthorn Fruit Directly On The Skin

When it's time to review your cosmetics supply, do not be afraid to throw away your creams and heavy moisturizers. Oils are quickly taking their place and there are several essential oils available to treat a wide variety of skin problems. These quickly moisturize and balance the skin avoiding the overproduction of its own oils. The oil of the sea buckthorn fruit comes from a plant native to Russia, Mongolia and China. It can treat a wide variety of skin problems due to its high content of vitamins and is very useful to keep the skin firm. Whether you are looking to assert some lines of expression next to your mouth or just use it as a prevention, sea buckthorn oil can be a welcome addition to your beauty routine.

Clean the face with a cleanser formulated for your skin type and rinse with warm water.

Massage the moisturizer on your skin until it is completely absorbed. The oil works better on the humectant, since it creates a barrier against dryness and blocks moisture.

Pour three drops of oil from the sea buckthorn fruit on the tips of your fingers and massage both hands to warm the oil.

Apply the oil gently on the skin with the tips of your fingers.

Apply the remaining oil in the areas that are particularly dry. Do not forget the neck as it is often the area that shows the first signs of aging.


It is better to use the oil before going to bed so that they have time to penetrate the skin throughout the night.

It is better to apply the oil after putting on serums or other light products, since it will prevent the skin from absorbing them.

When you use it under makeup it can cause shine or run.


Apply a drop of oil on the arm to make sure you do not have a sensitivity to it.

Seek medical attention for adverse reactions.

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