How To Bake Boneless Chicken Wings

How To Bake Boneless Chicken Wings

Check out any menu of bar or pub and you are likely to find chicken wings as a staple of the menu. However, many restaurant recipes may pose a risk to your diet due to its nutritional value, including a high content of fat, sodium and calories (between 400 and 500 calories per serving). However, you can bake boneless "wings" of chicken at home with a healthy recipe.

Cut chicken fillets in thirds. These are practical and the closest in size to chicken wings. However, you can also use boneless and skinless chicken breasts. If so, you'll have to cut the chicken breasts in half horizontally, and then slice each half the size of a steak. Proceed to cut them in thirds.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176, 67 ยบC).

Break the eggs in a large bowl and lightly beat them to break the yolks. Add the chicken pieces to the eggs and let them soak for 10 minutes.

Add salt, pepper and flour in a shallow bowl or large plastic zip-lock bag. Add the chicken and shake it to cover it with the flour mixture.

Spread olive oil on a baking sheet and add the chicken. Roll it lightly over the olive oil to cover it as much as possible. This oil will help the chicken to brown during the cooking process.

Cook the chicken for 15 minutes and turn each piece. Continue cooking until tender and the outside is brown and crunchy. Serve with sauces such as barbecue or ranchera sauce, or the classic accompaniment of the "wings": a spicy buffalo style sauce.


Many sauces and dressings contain high amounts of fat and sodium. Experiment with low-fat yogurt, adding flavorings such as garlic and herbs to create a healthier option.


Check the internal temperature of the chicken to prevent foodborne illness. FoodSafety gov recommends not consuming the chicken until it reaches at least 165 degrees F (73, 89 ยบC).


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