How To Get The Best Deal For Membership In A Gym

How To Get The Best Deal For Membership In A Gym

Timothy Edmunds is a Coach, entrepreneur and owner of Snap Fitness in Columbia, South Carolina, with 18 years of experience in the fitness industry. In other words, it's exactly the kind of person you should ask for advice when you're looking in the market to join a gym.

That's why we asked him to share some inside information with you. If you are thinking about buying a gym membership, we congratulate you on the initiative, but it is important that you stop and read this first. Trust us: the sellers of that gym in the mall down the street would prefer you not to.

I have never been to a gym that has exhausted its memberships. Conclusion: gyms, large or small, always need members.

They need you. The gyms business is always a buyers market.

If you are about to go to a gym, you should keep in mind that there are 10 things you have to do and that you do not have to do, so that you can achieve a membership plan for you at the best price.

Visit the gym before you sign up

Most people I know would never buy a car without a driving test. You must take this same attitude when you are doing buying the membership of a new gym. It is good to do a first search on the Internet to narrow down the options based on the price range and knowing the services that the gyms offer; however, the only way to check if an establishment has all you want is to visit it in person.

Do not underestimate the fact that they need you

Even the most popular gyms have sales representatives who promote memberships, give out coupons and call potential customers. Memberships are the soul of any successful gym. The owners and shareholders benefit from the monthly installments, whether they cost US $ 10 or US $ 200 per month. The more members a club has, the more monthly income it generates and the better the chances of attracting new members through referrals and the increase in sales by trained personnel or other services.

Try to negotiate the price

There are some areas in which you should have a certain amount of room to negotiate. The monthly fee is one of them. Because they are larger, high-end gyms tend to adhere to the advertised monthly rates, but you may be able to find a sales representative who is eager to sell and who will offer you a special rate as long as you sign up. act. You must be armed with the information of the rates of the competitors, or ask for another type of fee that is in the price list of the gym.For example, if the monthly rate is US $ 49, 95, but the gym also offers a rate of US $ 29, 95 for students and seniors, then ask if you can apply the student rate. In the worst case, the representative will tell you no.

Do not assume that the duration of the contract is "sculpted in stone"

Another possible point of negotiation is the duration of your membership contract. Many clubs want you to sign up for a year, or maybe two. But smaller gyms tend to be a bit more flexible, and in larger gyms you can sometimes negotiate if you study the conditions of the contract. Some large gyms have policies that allow you to cancel at any time if you live 25 miles away or more. If you understand what information the gym needs to let you pay, it may be easier for you to negotiate an "exit" in advance.

Commission fee in advance

Many gyms charge registration and "processing" fees, but nine times out of 10, they are able to waive them. If you can truly tell the seller, "I will join today if the gym waives the registration fee," you may be able to reach an agreement. That said, sales representatives in some larger gyms are not allowed to waive registration fees, so you should ask to speak with a sales manager, or - if you're willing to leave - suggest to the representative that you Call later if the administrator agrees to waive the commission.

Do not join a gym at the beginning of the month

It's okay to take a tour to quote and research the options of a membership at any time. However, in general, the best time to acquire a membership in a gym is the last day of any month. Most major gyms run their budgets on a monthly basis, and this is the time when sales reps are trying to get close to their goals - in order to earn bonuses - and, therefore, they are usually more willing to make a deal. In all the gyms where I have worked, the representatives registered 20 percent of their members in the last three days of the month.

You must be ready to sign up when you visit the gym

If the gym suits your needs, then you will be in the most powerful negotiating position if you can register at that moment. So you can be able to get a lower monthly rate if you're willing to pay, say, six months or a one-year installment value instantly. Particularly in smaller gyms, many owners are willing to make a deal in order to get cash in advance.

Do not ignore the importance of "following the game"

If you are going to negotiate, first let the sales representative show you all of his speech.Follow the tour of the facilities, give the representative all your information and, above all, try to be friendly. If you break into the gym and immediately demand the lowest rate and no charges, they will kick you out and probably laugh behind you when you leave. It is difficult to get a good deal if the seller does not like you.

Dilate if necessary

If you like the gym, but you can not reach an immediate agreement, request a trial subscription, which will allow you to use the gym and be in contact with the sales representative. Who knows: as your trial period continues, maybe they will sweat a little and they will make you a better offer.

What brings me to my last advice...

Do not enter a gym just because you made a good deal

Join one that you know you're going to attend, that has all the equipment you want and that provides you a comfortable environment You may have to pay a little more than one bonus for all these qualities, but if that means you are going to use the membership more, then the extra money will be worth it. When you feel that a gym will help you achieve your fitness goals, then you have found the perfect club for you.

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